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Easy security lights - indoor and out

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Stoker48 Mon 21-Sep-20 00:01:43

Now the nights are drawing in, I’m reviewing my security lighting. Very unsophisticated!
I have one of those flickering little boxes that ( from outside) looks like you have the TV on, a bedroom lamp that’s on a timer and a lounge lamp that has a light sensor on it and comes on and off randomly.
Can anyone suggest anything else?
I need out door lighting too. I’ve bought battery operated wall mounted lights the past and they have been pretty poor.
Any recommendations welcome.
Thank you

NotSpaghetti Mon 21-Sep-20 02:14:49

Are you out a lot Stoker48?

The first security light I’d choose is one outside at the back that comes on if triggered.

Fuchsiarose Tue 22-Sep-20 10:18:39

Solar power lights are useful outside. Not sure about inside

J52 Tue 22-Sep-20 10:59:41

We have two solar powered security lights. I don’t know who made them and I can’t climb up to see!
But, one is placed on the garage and has quite a large solar panel to power it. I think DH looked at solar lights sold for boats. The other is at the front and was bought on line, but has many more Lumens than those bought in DIY stores.
Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Teacheranne Tue 22-Sep-20 11:06:56

We fitted a " ring of steel" around my mums house by using Ring security cameras and lights at the back, side, front and on the door bell. Not only were they triggered by movement, I also got an alert on my phone and could speak/shout to whoever was there!

It proved very useful to get rid of door to door sellers ( scammers mainly) who were pestering her and as we also paid a small monthly subscription to Ring, I was able to record the activity. In one instance, I showed the police a recording of someone trying to get money from mum ( to get his wife's body out of a morgue!) and they used it to arrest him for fraud. They needed to have a clear voice recording to take action.

FlexibleFriend Tue 22-Sep-20 12:34:11

I have a security camera trained on the drive so can speak to anyone who comes to the door without having to get up. Getting up is difficult for me as I'm disabled and it takes forever for me to get to the door. When I moved in I installed outdoor lights at the front, side and rear. I also have timers on lights that face the road. These days I'm home most of the time tbh due to disability so there's always lights on. I'm just glad I installed them when I was fit and able.

MiniMoon Tue 22-Sep-20 13:26:12

I've got a lamp attached to a smart plug. I can turn it off and on using my phone. It's really useful when we are out as I can turn it on and off randomly.
The security light we have on the corner of our house is powered by the mains. The others are either solar powered or battery operated.

Shrub Tue 22-Sep-20 13:31:07

Please also think of your neighbours and check the settings of your security lights. There is a house opposite me occupied by an elderly lady. Her light comes on every time a vehicle goes by. A house at the back in another road has a very powerful back garden light, which comes on frequently during the night and shines over the back of all our houses.

Stoker48 Tue 22-Sep-20 13:48:00

Thanks, everyone.
Yes, In normal times I am out and about a lot and have very frequent holidays.
I live alone in a small 2 bed modern end of terrace. I’m right at the end of a small inlet of three houses and next to a brick wall. There’s no street lighting there.
I’m not a techie type. I don’t have a phone line either.
I’ll have to explore outdoor solar lights. I suppose they have improvdd over the years. The ones I bought 7 years or so ago seemed rather wimpy.
What’s your take on burglar alarms?