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First Time Buying From Next Online.

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TheFrugalPiggy Sat 26-Sep-20 12:51:01

On Wednesday I placed my first ever online order with Next - lots of bedding! I have gone online to track my order and it is showing as still sitting in the warehouse! (Estimated delivery 3 to 5 working days). I phoned up the call centre and was told my order would be with me next week..... I'm just surprised that it hasn't even left the warehouse yet. The only reason I'm worrying is because of the current economic climate and the way in which companies are going under etc. Is this usual for Next?

Pittcity Sat 26-Sep-20 12:57:13

I have only ever had trouble when ordering from Next and now avoid them.
They have automated systems which work very slowly. Sit tight your order will arrive eventually.

Galaxy Sat 26-Sep-20 13:01:27

Never had problems with them. Their actual website is a bit painful but they deliver on time.

EllanVannin Sat 26-Sep-20 13:08:03

So far as I can see Next deliveries appear normal as my next door neighbour shops with them online and seems to have no trouble at all. I'd be prepared to wait a week though as staff could be getting thin on the ground as it was at the start of the virus.

I'm waiting for something coming from Oz and it's been nearly 4 weeks now so obviously " surface "as opposed to air-mail. Then it has to go through customs, so I should get it by Christmas grin.

Ellianne Sat 26-Sep-20 13:11:13

I agree their website is difficult to navigate, but I do like their clothes, furniture and bedding etc.
I think/hope it will be one of the last companies to go under. They really dragged themselves back from the brink a few decades ago.

Oopsminty Sat 26-Sep-20 13:11:38


Never had problems with them. Their actual website is a bit painful but they deliver on time.

Totally agree about the website!

But I have found them to deliver in time

I can't see them going under

FannyCornforth Sat 26-Sep-20 14:26:38

As said above, they certainly won't go out of business!
I think that the problem is that they have been overwhelmed recently, especially with homeware.
They completely sold out of paint a couple of months ago.
Don't worry, it will be fine.

TheFrugalPiggy Sat 26-Sep-20 15:50:33

Thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply. I'm now feeling more confident. I ordered from Next because they seem to be stable during this economic climate. I don't have a credit card so I used my debit card which isn't covered by Section 75. It's only £250.00 but still......

Elizabeth1 Sat 26-Sep-20 16:04:44

I order from Next all the time however recently they’ve got mixed up with their deliveries it’s no wonder and sometimes things have been delayed my account says at times things have been returned - not so - however I’ve never really had much to complain about with NEXT Methinks this dreaded confusion and delays etc in deliveries and returns has just cause - not to worry their customer services usually sort things out just give them a phone

FannyCornforth Sun 04-Oct-20 11:03:02

There was a similar thread on MN recently.
Apparently the stuff in warehouses is taking a lot longer to go out due to social distancing measures. This was from a poster whose DH works in the Next warehouse.

GagaJo Sun 04-Oct-20 11:06:30

I live overseas and order from Next. There doesn't seem a lot of logic in their deliveries. Some things arrive in the 6 days the site advertises, some stuff takes up to 2 weeks.

It DOES always arrive though. I wouldn't worry. They seem very reliable to me. I agree about customer service. I had an issue with a dress I ordered (there was a flaw in it). Usually overseas returns are paid for by the customer. On this occasion, they arranged to pay for the cost of return because the fault was in the garment.

Callistemon Sun 04-Oct-20 11:30:15

EllanVannin the Australia Post has been in chaos, apparently.

They are restructuring.

maytime2 Mon 05-Oct-20 14:43:04

I have decided to no longer buy anything from Next. They closed the local store just before the shutdown. The two nearest shops are now both in areas I cannot visit because of lockdown
So why should I have to spend money on packing and postage when it's not my fault. Anyway I much prefer to see something in the flesh before deciding whether to buy or not. It also saves the nightmare of trying to return something.

ElaineI Mon 05-Oct-20 18:48:24

The stuff is taking longer just now. I do click and collect at my local Next store. DD1 gets lots of deliveries and similar time frame. I don't think Next will go under anytime soon.

Annie26 Mon 05-Oct-20 19:00:06

I order frequently and have never had any problem with deliveries. You select the delivery day you want and apart from a recent order turning up a day earlier than expected all other orders have arrived on the requested day

Thistlelass Thu 22-Oct-20 15:58:10

They are a reputable company and provide good quality items in my opinion. I have had a dusky rose padded coat delivered yesterday, having ordered at weekend. Only £50 and will keep me cosy when taking dog out. I no longer have a Next in my home area and not very happy at that decision (to be fair they were trying to move from town centre location to a retail park and were blocked). I quite like taking my time with purchases. I do not yet have my state pension and don't have a lot of cash to splash. Get it delivered and I can truly ponder if it is right for me or not.

Urmstongran Thu 22-Oct-20 16:38:48

I always order flower deliveries from Next. Always beautiful, delivery as per instructed. In fact I’m going to order some this evening for delivery next week.

Purpledaffodil Thu 22-Oct-20 16:43:38

I’ve never had a problem with them and I usually order at Sale time so stuff takes longer to arrive.
In early lockdown days they actually cancelled my order because they didn’t have enough staff to process quickly enough. Thought this was honourable if annoying.

annodomini Thu 22-Oct-20 17:29:07

I haven't ordered from Next for some time, but when I did, the goods were with me the next day.