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Who can identify this piano music?

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MaryTheBookeeper Sat 17-Oct-20 18:21:52

From a Victoria Wood sketch:

Listen here

EllanVannin Sat 17-Oct-20 18:34:47

Don't know unless it's one of Bach's ? The sketch was hilarious.

EllanVannin Sat 17-Oct-20 18:36:13

One of his fugues.

MaryTheBookeeper Sat 17-Oct-20 18:39:29

I think it's lovely.

JackyB Sat 17-Oct-20 22:35:16

Not available in my country. Sorry.

welbeck Sat 17-Oct-20 23:50:26

i love the ending of the sketch, didn't see that coming.
presumably it's meant to be the royal northern college of music.