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Cabbie21 Sun 18-Oct-20 21:43:39

I am struggling to think of a suitable Christmas present for a relative in a care home. She has long term mental health problems, and can not go out alone in normal times, and hardly at all during the pandemic. I have not been able to see her since February and am very out of touch with her now.
I usually give her stationery, toiletries, items of clothing. For her birthday I ordered a cushion. Food or chocolates are not appropriate. She has a small room which is already rather full.
This year, as well as all the usual things to avoid, it has got to be light enough to post, or ordered online with delivery to the Home.
Any bright ideas please?

Grannynannywanny Sun 18-Oct-20 21:59:22

Maybe a nice throw for her bedroom? Ordered online and delivered directly. It could be used on her bed or as a comfortable cover up for a nap in the sitting room.
I have a loved one in a care home and he can only have window visits. He finds it chilly at the slightly open window and the staff wrap him up in a throw during visits.

Ashcombe Sun 18-Oct-20 22:01:56

What about flowers or a plant? I’d recommend Bunches, who deliver via Royal Mail.

Puzzler61 Sun 18-Oct-20 22:13:05

Or slippers, that are full foot ones with Velcro fasteners for easy adjustment?
Hotter do a good range.
The staff at the home should be able to assist you if you don’t know her size.

Hetty58 Sun 18-Oct-20 22:41:56

Ashcombe, flowers and plants may not be allowed.

MissAdventure Sun 18-Oct-20 22:55:33

How about a little crystal sun catcher to hang in the window?
It will fill her room with rainbows most days.

Hetty58 Sun 18-Oct-20 22:58:55

My mother really liked the filled bird feeder we hung on the tree outside her window.

Shandy57 Sun 18-Oct-20 22:59:40

My aunt asked for a subscription to a magazine, I think it was called Yours? It wasn't expensive and she looked forward to it arriving each week.

TwiceAsNice Sun 18-Oct-20 23:05:12

A magazine subscription is always nice I think. A nightdress , some lovely soap / hand cream. You said no food but would a tin of biscuits be ok ? Staff could hand them out with morning tea maybe. A small furry hot water bottle, cashmere socks .

Grandmafrench Sun 18-Oct-20 23:15:46

All the above are excellent ideas, I think. Not too sure about plants or flowers because Care homes etc., are often very over-heated.

Sheepskin slippers are perfect to pull on. Lots of online companies specialise. A pretend candle which is battery operated and can be timed to come on and off for a fixed period. The flickering "wick" looks. very real but there's no fire risk. A soft throw for knees or sitting in bed is ideal. Fleece ones can be easily washed and dried hundreds of times and still look good. What about scented (lavender?) mini linen bags or pillows to hang in wardrobes or be put in drawers of clothing. A pretty photograph album with photos of family members or old friends, pets or places, with comments to say who they are?

sukie Mon 19-Oct-20 03:32:23

So many good ideas here. My mother received a beautiful shawl earlier this year for her 99th birthday. She recently mentioned that she'd gotten it out with the cooler weather. She always wears a sweater but said the extra warmth of the shawl over her shoulders felt so good.

A friend recently mentioned that her aunt in memory care was quite taken with a fake cat someone had given her. I didn't know such a thing existed but evidently it's realistic looking and interactive.

Cabbie21 Mon 19-Oct-20 09:13:53

Many thanks for the suggestions. Grandmafrench was right to say that care homes are often overheated. This one is. It is very basic, but always very warm, so I avoid flowers, throws, warm slippers etc! Also nothing that is easily breakable as she will break it in five minutes, nothing that other residents might steal, nothing too demanding... quite a problem. I liked the bird feeder idea but there is nowhere to put it where she could see it. Her room looks out onto a fence, bordering a path which has to be kept clear for access. She used to look out onto a lovely garden and misses that. I might look into a garden magazine.