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Newsletter - anyone not receiving it?

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 16-Nov-20 17:05:37

Hi, we've had a few emails from people saying they haven't been receiving the daily newsletter.
If you aren't getting it and would like to (and why wouldn't you grin?) please go to this page and check that you have ticked the box to receive Gransnet Daily. If it is ticked and you're still not getting the newsletter please email us at [email protected] so we can sort it out for you. Thanks

3nanny6 Wed 18-Nov-20 12:34:20

Hi Lara I always got my G.N daily email into my inbox for some reason it now keeps going into spam older I have tweeked my settings but it still goes into spam I am not sure why.

blondenana Fri 20-Nov-20 12:42:26

I have asked several times and never got it,i did wonder why

Kestrel Sat 21-Nov-20 12:14:55

Have just tried to email using the above email address which doesn't work - apparently it's not 'properly formed'!?

Have tried to get newsletter several times but not getting it.

etheltbags1 Sun 22-Nov-20 21:15:30

I've never had a newsletter. I have changed my email address tho. How do I register my new one

LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 23-Nov-20 19:05:46

Hi all, thanks for letting us know. Would you be able to email us at [email protected] and we'll get these sorted for you. Thanks! smile

honeyrose Wed 25-Nov-20 08:55:15

I’m still not receiving the newsletter despite requesting it several times!

Franbern Wed 25-Nov-20 18:53:24

I have ticked the box, asked for this newsletter, still not getting it. No idea why not

etheltbags1 Wed 25-Nov-20 20:19:00

You have my new email but I never get newsletter. I've not posted for a while but I still read posts. I've not hone away.