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Light Hair dryer for MIL in her 90’s

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DillytheGardener Wed 25-Nov-20 09:53:08

My mother in law amongst other things has requested for Christmas a small light hair dryer, does anyone have any personal recommendations?

I’d like to buy it on Friday in the sales.

tanith Wed 25-Nov-20 10:15:59

I have a small babyliss travel hairdryer that’s very light.

J52 Wed 25-Nov-20 10:24:28

I have a Babyliss hot air brush, not the rotating one. The brushes are able to be removed and the handle used as a normal hair dryer. If you do use the brush you can dry your hair by just brushing through. It was around the £28 mark.

jaylucy Wed 25-Nov-20 10:52:40

A travel hairdryer is the way to go if weight has to be taken into account.
I have found that those with a long nozzle tend to be heavier for stability.

Blossoming Wed 25-Nov-20 11:03:52

Agree with tanith, I have the Babyliss Nano travel hairdryer. It’s very light and powerful enough.

DillytheGardener Thu 26-Nov-20 08:59:52

Oh thank you all! That’s very kind, the specific make and model is so useful, I have it on my tab ready for tomorrow’s sales!

LadyGracie Thu 26-Nov-20 09:04:46

I had a Babyliss travel dryer for years it was excellent till I dropped it. I went to Boots to replace it but they didn’t have any in stock so I bought the Boots equivalent instead, I must say it’s just as good.

Nadateturbe Thu 26-Nov-20 09:39:07

I have fibro so can't use a heavy one.. Travel one is way to go although they have less variations than others. I usually try Boots first.

Redrobin51 Fri 27-Nov-20 22:31:51

I have arthritis and other health problems and often find my normal sized hairdryer too heavy so instead I use my small lightweight travel one instead so much easier to use. Hope you can find one suitable. X

Hetty58 Fri 27-Nov-20 22:48:45

My mother had to have a 'hood' style one, on a stand - as even a lightweight one was 'too heavy'.

Callistemon Fri 27-Nov-20 23:12:53

I have a Babyliss travel hairdryer which is just as good as a full-size one.

A rotating hot brush is good too, sometimes I let my hair dry naturally and tame it with that.