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felice Thu 26-Nov-20 08:46:07

Hi, my Cousins funeral is today, I am assuming those watching cannot be seen by those at the actual funeral.
Can someone advise please.
I would move my laptop to another area if so, I am in the kitchen normally.
Thanks in advance.

DillytheGardener Thu 26-Nov-20 08:54:06

Hi Felice, I have attended two, and no they can’t see you. Usually it is a fixed camera from the back of the service. I wore black and watched in my bedroom if that helps?

felice Thu 26-Nov-20 09:04:17

Thank you, my Cousin hated black so I have purple top which she admired on.
She fell backwards down the stairs and suffered massive brain damage, a very fit healthy lady, she had just been out riding.
Her poor husband found her when he got back from the golf.

DillytheGardener Thu 26-Nov-20 09:10:42

I’m so sorry for your loss Felice, what an awful shock for you and her loved ones. The purple top sounds like a lovely idea. Make sure you do something nice afterwards as it can feel a bit hollow when you turn the laptop off. I played some music that person loved and had wee glass of bubbly to toast them. The wake afterwards is the time when people normally get a cathartic experience talking about their loved one with the other mourners so perhaps call a friend to have a chat.
Thinking of you

Grannynannywanny Thu 26-Nov-20 09:11:58

No need to worry about that possibility felice. It’s just a camera set up in the church or crematorium. I watched the funeral of an elderly friend a few months ago.

Have yourself sitting at the laptop with the link you have been given to click on. Shortly before the service is due to start the link will be “live”. I was concerned I wouldn’t get it to work but it was easy to do💐

Grannynannywanny Thu 26-Nov-20 09:14:27

Just read your second post felice. That’s so sad.

Froglady Thu 26-Nov-20 09:16:00

I've watched 3 funerals this year by this purpose.
Have you checked the link you were sent to make sure it's working all right?
It's a strange thing, watching a funeral like this but it's the only way that we can do it these days so I'm glad that this facility is available to people who can't go to the actual funeral, whether because of numbers or because of distance.

Froglady Thu 26-Nov-20 09:16:32

Meant to put method not purpose.

felice Thu 26-Nov-20 09:30:07

Thanks everyone, I have checked the link and it is working fine, and remembered that I am an hour ahead of them in the UK.
My DD has a day off today so is coming downstairs to join me.
It is a Humanist funeral which I have never attended so it will be both sad and interesting.
We were close, they come over for a few days every summer and I think that has made it even harder.

Flaxseed Sat 28-Nov-20 13:09:37

Sorry to hear this, what a terrible shock for everyone.
I hope the funeral went as well as can be expected sad

felice Sat 28-Nov-20 14:40:35

The funeral was awful, the friend/celebrant just droned on, got lots wrong including DOB, lots of facts wrong, with family turning to look at each other in surprise.
The music celebrants choice went on for ages and totally wrong for my cousin.
I just sobbed all the way through it, I am not a particularly down person but I am just so so down.
Talk about coincidence, our new minister just called, for me to show the Church to a couple for a wedding next year, and we had a lovely chat and I feel so much better.

Froglady Sat 28-Nov-20 16:03:48

I can only think that the celebrant was working with what they were told? And maybe they didn't choose the music.

Froglady Sat 28-Nov-20 16:04:55

But I'm so sorry that it was an awful experience for you and one that you had to go through on your own.

felice Sat 28-Nov-20 16:15:54

No the celebrant/friend said she knew everything about my cousin so the family did not have to get upset she would do it all.
She also choose the music and got 150£ for it. Which according to our minister was cheap.
You do not need a celebrant or vicar at a funeral as there is no legal work to be done.