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Jane10 Sun 29-Nov-20 11:57:12

As a lifelong spectacle wearer I clean my various glasses several times a day. The cleaning cloth that came in the glasses case is far and away the most effective thing to use. However, it struck me that I should wash it. Then I was in two minds about whether or not to. I wondered if there was a special coating on it that washing might remove. Anyone know what I should do?

Shrub Sun 29-Nov-20 12:10:21

I wash mine regularly with no adverse effects. I do the cloths by hand but don't use fabric softener. I hate having specs on my specks so am forever cleaning them too!

yggdrasil Sun 29-Nov-20 12:19:04

I got a little bottle of cleaner from my optician, and I can get it refilled for free when it runs out

kittylester Sun 29-Nov-20 12:26:44

I use the free bottle of stuff with the cloth. Never thought about washing them - I have acquired a fair few!

grannysue05 Sun 29-Nov-20 12:29:44

I have several cloths and they are washed regularly as they pick up all the muck and grease from your specs.

paddyanne Sun 29-Nov-20 12:31:10

I rinse my specs under the tap with a wee drop of fairy liquid ,it keeps them clean far longer than anything else .If I'm out I use wipes that I get from Boots opticians department .I tend not to use cloths as I think they trap the dirt and spread it .

Jane10 Sun 29-Nov-20 12:45:33

Thanks. I've got an 'anti mist' spray from the opticians. (It's not all that effective in stopping my glasses steaming up when I'm wearing a mask) I'll wash the little cloth too.

Moonlight113 Sun 29-Nov-20 13:18:27

On the few occasions I clean any of my glasses, it's a quick huff and a rub on the bottom of my shirt. Sometimes they get a wash under the tap with fairy liquid, and then dried on the kitchen towel. Never use the bit of cloth in the case.

Nana3 Sun 29-Nov-20 13:25:42

Be careful wth the water and fairy liquid, it ruined a pair of my glasses that I'd had coated with anti glare.

Thoro Sun 29-Nov-20 14:12:37

I’ve got several glasses cleaning clothes which I just bung in the washing machine with other washing

Hellogirl1 Sun 29-Nov-20 14:25:05

Another under the tap with washing up liquid here.

Puzzler61 Sun 29-Nov-20 14:42:06

A lint free lens cloth, and I huff on the glasses. It gets washed monthly.
Keep the cloth sealed in a clear ziplock bag in my handbag.

Grannybags Sun 29-Nov-20 15:50:21

I use Zeiss Lens Wipes which are individually wrapped and useful to keep in my pocket or handbags.

I put my glasses cleaning cloths in the washing machine. They all still work.

glammanana Sun 29-Nov-20 16:01:48

I use Lens Bright from my optician it keeps them clear all day as long as I'm not wearing a mask.

Lucca Sun 29-Nov-20 16:21:19

Once again I feel rather small and inferior.....I’ve long ago,lost any of those cloths and would never think to wash them! I use windowlene spray on my specs sometimes and possibly kitchen towel.I am in awe of people’s organisation

GillT57 Sun 29-Nov-20 17:02:13

Household window cleaner, buffed with glass microfibre cloth

Baggs Sun 29-Nov-20 17:11:44

I wash my glasses in warm soapy water (in the shower sometimes)* and dry them with a microfibre window cloth. That's all specs cleaning cloths are in effect.

*When they need it. Most of the time I just wipe dust and smudges off with my T-shirt. Soft cotton won

Baggs Sun 29-Nov-20 17:13:12

Soft cotton doesn't do any harm.

lemsip Sun 29-Nov-20 17:16:02

yes, me too, under the tap and a smidgen of washing up liquid

annodomini Sun 29-Nov-20 17:46:28

I have a microfibre cloth in a clear plastic case. I don't know where it came from but it does a perfect job, even though I haven't washed it. It has a pattern of what appear to be Smarties!