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Scam emails re undelivered parcel

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Stoker48 Tue 29-Dec-20 14:08:10

I don’t usually have parcels delivered to my home, but my daughters American friend asked if she could send a parcel ( for my daughter) here as I’m in more.
It hasn’t arrived ( Xmas gift). I have, however, received a couple of emails from a delivery company, advising that they “ couldn’t deliver due to lack of complete address”. They offered to return on a given date but at a small charge of £1 or £3 depending on date - next day or two, If I didn’t take action it would be returned to sender.
As I was expecting a parcel ( even though I felt uneasy), I gave my credit card details.
They immediately followed it up by a further email request for my bank details. I smelt a rat so immediately contacted my credit card co and cancelled my card. Nothing has been taken out in that short period. Phew.
Could anyone advise me what usually happens with these type of companies if you are not in to take delivery.
If I have to send a parcel it’s always by Royal Mail so this is all new to me.
Thank you

Lucretzia Tue 29-Dec-20 14:13:27

Phew, good job you cancelled your card

My husband and daughter have both received these emails.

We realised immediately it was a scam due to the fact I am always in! We also have a small dog who acts as if WW3 is starting with a knock at the door

At the moment, in my area, couriers just knock and run. Leaving the parcel at the door.

We've had parcels from China and USA which probably would have needed signing for pre-covid but this appears to have changed.

I hope you get the parcel!

FannyCornforth Tue 29-Dec-20 14:16:31

I started a thread about this a few weeks ago (around black Friday) and there have been a lot of similar threads.
These scams are rife.
Ordinarily you will get an email in the day that your parcel has been shipped. It will include a link and a tracking number which will update. You will also get another email on the day of delivery ( or sometimes a text depending on whether they have your number).
Through the tracking details you will get an estimated time of arrival, usually a two or three hour window.
There will also be an option to tell them where to leave your parcel if you are not in, or to rearrange delivery.
If you are not in and they haven't been able to leave it with a neighbour they will leave a note and send another email.
I must have had hundreds of parcels from every delivery company you can think of and I have never been asked to pay anything.

twinnytwin Tue 29-Dec-20 14:18:43

Can you advise which delivery company it is? Did you recognise the company? How did they obtain your email address? Did the friend supply it?
I'd be uneasy too after being asked for your bank details. I would ask your daughter's friend to follow up. These scammers can appear to be so authentic, so you'r wise to be cautious.

grandtanteJE65 Tue 29-Dec-20 14:19:31

Could you contact the carrier or the person who sent the parcel to find out what their policy is on undelivered parcels?

It may still turn up, lots of people have shopped online this year so there are plenty of Christmas parcels that haven't turned up yet,

I have been waiting for to deliver a book since the 14th December.

Stoker48 Tue 29-Dec-20 15:07:20

Thank you all so very much for your prompt replies.
The company was DPD.
Here’s a portion of their email :

“We require additional details to attempt re-delivery of this parcel, as the address provided appears to be incomplete. Please provide the complete information for this address to attempt redelivery.

On the morning of the Wednesday 30th December you'll receive a 1 hour delivery window and you'll be able to live track your order on its way to you.

Currently, your parcel is being stored in our local depot.
However, if action is not taken before 2020.12.30, it will be returned to the original sender.

If you'll be out, it's not a problem: you have a range of 'in-flight' options such as changing your delivery 29.12.2020, collecting from your nearest DPD Pickup Shop, asking us to deliver to your preferred neighbour or arranging to have your order delivered to a safe place at your address. Just click below to UPDATE your address:

UPDATE and complete delivery Address ↣

Arrange delivery to a new Address ↣

Fees will apply for any arranged redelivery, the details of which are included in the links above.”

Has anyone ever paid fees for redelivery?
I was hoping to sort this without involving our American friend as she would be upset that it’s caused a wobble. My daughter lives 40 miles away but was here for Xmas day.
Ooh! Stop press - just had text pop up saying she used USPS and they wouldn’t give her a tracking number.
I’m still assuming my email was a scam but could anyone advise if they have used USPS? Parcel originated in USA.... wonder if some parcel companies have “ partners” in other countries so the final stage gets taken in by another firm,

Greenfinch Tue 29-Dec-20 15:09:53

I had at least 2 emails from DPD saying exactly the same as the one to the OP. Often the email address of the sender will suggest it is not genuine. What self respecting company would call itself dogtag 2 which is what mine said?

Redhead56 Tue 29-Dec-20 15:29:43

Had quite a lot of mail regarding parcels that should be delivered. A few requesting more details which I have refused they have hung up when they questioned them.
I had two phone calls requesting immediate payment for yearly subscription for Prime. I knew it was scam as I pay monthly and have been a customer for years. Amazon do not make unprofessional phone calls such as these have been, well not in my experience anyway.
If I place an order on line I request delivery instructions for courier such as place in porch under bush etc. It puts your mind at ease in case you go out that you won't miss your delivery.

NanTheWiser Tue 29-Dec-20 16:05:33

Definitely a scam. If it’s coming from the USA, it may well be held up in Customs, which might incur a charge of VAT, and a PO handling charge. Usually a card is put through the door when this happens.

Blossoming Tue 29-Dec-20 16:10:05

I’ve had parcels via ups, don’t usually have a problem but I believe deliveries are taking longer at the moment due to the larger volumes.

wildswan16 Tue 29-Dec-20 17:01:27

This has been ongoing for a long time. Even if you happen to be expecting a parcel you would not be sent an email like this so just delete without opening it.

Visgir1 Tue 29-Dec-20 17:08:47

This has been highlighted by local Police as a scam. I had one too but as I wasn't expecting anything, thought it was dodgy at the time. Tbh legit companies would try to redeliver and pop something through the door to inform you.

Spangler Tue 29-Dec-20 17:15:45

Stoker48 Tue 29-Dec-20 14:08:10

Could anyone advise me what usually happens with these type of companies if you are not in to take delivery.

What most people don't realise is that your complaint is not with the carrier, it's with the sender. More often that not the sender will try to pass the buck but unless they have your name, clearly signed and printed they are responsible.

Of course if a carrier has left a card you can always contact them. A small tip, but worth remembering: Carriers use consignment numbers, it should be on the card that the driver leaves. A scammer can create an imaginary number but if you phone the carrier they will tell you if that number exists, or not.

Remember, a card left should have the carriers name. If you smell a rat, don't phone the number on the card, or any email you receive. Look up that carrier's number or email and contact them, that will soon sift out the scammers.

Stoker48 Wed 30-Dec-20 11:13:04

Morning, all
I want to bring glad tidings. The parcel arrived this morning, delivered by my local postman.
Please can I thank everyone again for responding so quickly.
Really appreciated it.