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is it a scam?

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Grammaretto Tue 29-Dec-20 18:23:26

I have clicked on an ad from Amazon on here, on gransnet. I have just won an iphone.
Have I really?
I began to type in my address and then see I have to pay £1 to "get my prize" give my bank card details etc
Oh dear. Have I joined the ranks of easy to trick grannies? or have I just missed getting a new phone?

J52 Tue 29-Dec-20 18:33:25

Without a doubt. Delete it.

MrsJamJam Tue 29-Dec-20 18:36:06

Definitely a scam - delete it.

Bridgeit Tue 29-Dec-20 18:46:57

Thanks for sharing, the scams are getting worse & worse , your
instincts served you well, generally speaking if it sounds too good to be true it usually is, it’s never worth taking the chance best wishes
Ps , better to miss out on a new phone ,than loose your money

Grammaretto Tue 29-Dec-20 18:49:01

Thanks. I don't think too much damage has been done. I didn't send my bank details.

Elegran Tue 29-Dec-20 18:50:26

Tell Amazon about it too - it probably isn't them at all, and if it is, they should be told it you don't approve.

Grammaretto Tue 29-Dec-20 18:52:45

yes Elegran I should do that. The ad has now disappeared - ofcourse.

Marydoll Tue 29-Dec-20 22:01:26

Grammaretto, these adverts are nothing to do with GN, you had a lucky escape. Any GN competitions will only be in the competition section.

If it sounds too good to be true, then it is!

Grammaretto Tue 29-Dec-20 22:17:10

I know that Marydoll. It must have been my state of mind but the proximity to the GN site made it look safe and genuine. I have reported it to Amazon (I think)

Marydoll Tue 29-Dec-20 22:25:18

As long as you are ok. The scammers are getting more and more sophisticated!

harrigran Wed 30-Dec-20 08:41:42

I had a call supposedly from Amazon yesterday, unuusually it was not a recorded voice, so she got both barrels.
Most of these calls use spoofed numbers because there is no way that they are all sitting in Camarthen.