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How did everyones Christmas go

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Msida Wed 30-Dec-20 17:13:45

I spent it with my son, first time spending it with my son

I am the type that like staying at home at Christmas

So it wasn't the best if I am bring totally honest, don't really like his in laws and got told off for dis agreeing with the in laws as bout cicid, they were bring soo miserable and it was Christmas day so I shut him down

Someone on here advised me to stay snd not not be a soare

Who ever you were, you were right

I was so happy Yo be back home do what I want as nd not be surrounded by, for me, un pleasant in laws.

Anyways that's my story, interested to hear yours smile

aggie Wed 30-Dec-20 17:16:47

Bet he was glad when you went home too !

AGAA4 Wed 30-Dec-20 17:19:33

Sorry you didn't have such a good time Msida. Spending time with unpleasant people is not what you want on Christmas Day.
I just spent a few hours with my son - just the two of us. Nice to have a chat with him on our own.

Msida Wed 30-Dec-20 17:25:14

The truth aggie is I think he was not only pleased but also relieved

Msida Wed 30-Dec-20 17:29:18

The thing I could not get is that the in laws behaved bad, one of them doing a full burp with a room full of people, but he was not told off

Any how its all behind me now and its taught me I would rather be alone and doing my own thing, rather than being with a bunch of people I don't like

BBbevan Wed 30-Dec-20 17:32:50

Very very quiet. Just DH and me. DD came and threw our presents at us, and we reciprocated . Missed the DGDs but hey, we have next year

Smileless2012 Wed 30-Dec-20 17:42:15

It was just the two of us but it's been that way for 8 years as our eldest son is in Aus. and our other son estranged us 8 years ago which included estranging us from our only GC.

That said, it was the best Christmas we've had in 8 years because we no longer wonder what our ES and EGC are doing, we didn't get teary like we've done in the past but looked forward too celebrating Christmas with one another; and we didsmile.

EllanVannin Wed 30-Dec-20 17:43:11

Short visit from D, then on my own enjoying cooking my Christmas dinner. Wouldn't have had it any other way grin

tanith Wed 30-Dec-20 17:46:37

It was lonely on my own, I popped to one daughter to drop off pressies and my other daughter dropped by with some treats for me but the day was mostly lonely. I enjoyed my dinner and chatted with my son and family and my cousin online all in all it was ok.

Mapleleaf Wed 30-Dec-20 17:49:45

Very similar to previous years on Christmas day itself, i.e. by ourselves; but no mixing with family or friends at all during the rest of the holiday period, which we would normally do. I'm very much hoping that next year will be different and we will be able to visit family and friends between Christmas and New Year. Like many others have had to do, that has had to be written off this year. (I know, there will have been that selfish element who will have carried on regardless, because, after all, Covid doesn't affect them, only others, right?!)
I'd like to think they have been well in the minority, though, but I'm not completely sure about that given the rapid increase in transmission.

Washerwoman Wed 30-Dec-20 17:54:51

Actually surpringly lovely.Apart from seeing one DD and her partner on Xmas day -and even then we decided to forgo the turkey dinner and spend quality time on a nice walk ,presents and a simpler meal- it's just been DH and myself.
We're lucky that our other DCs live relatively close and throughout the year we have at least met up for walks and some meals when things relaxed in the summer.I count my blessings so far despite 3 of us having Covid we are all well,safe ,solvent with comfortable homes.And constantly in touch through What's app,Zoom .Doing quizes.etc.
We just accepted this Xmas was going to be different.And tbh I've enjoyed not hosting for several days with all the work entailed.I know that's not true for many.

Hetty58 Wed 30-Dec-20 18:15:39

Msida How did it go? I'm just glad it went! My first Christmas all alone. My decision. It was necessary. I was brave and made the best of it!

Redhead56 Wed 30-Dec-20 18:20:05

Tanith sorry it was lonely on your own but you had someone to chat too later. Well three weeks before Christmas our DIL announced they were not doing anything special. We were reminded about three times ( my son goes along with it). I had already said we will have it on our own or with our daughter.
Two days before Christmas DIL announced they were having her family around. We were not bothered her family always comes first we have got used to it. We had a lovely day with our daughter son in law and granddaughter.

Marmight Wed 30-Dec-20 18:51:19

I stayed with DD1 & family (my bubble, who live on the other side of the village all of 8 minutes walk away) from Christmas Eve until Sunday. Very different from family Christmases of old. SiL cooked the turkey over a fire pit. Fun watching the GSs opening their stockings and presents and my step grandson arrived in the afternoon. Poor chap has been on almost permanent lockdown at Uni in Leicester for months (it’s ok, he isolated for 2 weeks!). On Boxing day we sat under my big gazebo near the fire pit wrapped in 10 layers with some friends, all suitably distanced with nibbles & 🍷. Home was very quiet but good to be back in my comfort zone. I’ll be ‘doing’ NY alone by choice. The first time ever. When I think of the raucous all night parties we used to have in Scotland with all our friends & neighbours, stripping the willow - and more- up the street, it brings a wee tear to my eye. Not the same without DH. 🥃 slainte to you all!

Grandmabatty Wed 30-Dec-20 19:14:17

My ds was with me from Christmas eve til Sunday. The house was cluttered with his stuff but I was happy that he was with me. We were at dd for Christmas dinner and there was an unpleasant guest but we were polite and ignored him mostly. I wasn't going to cause a fuss as I was a guest too. I don't see the unpleasant man often at all and he's obviously deeply insecure so I rise above his comments.

GagaJo Wed 30-Dec-20 19:18:17

Very sad. I had planned to fly back to the UK on boxing day to see DD and GS but for obvious reasons couldn't. Instead, I am working with 2 Chinese students who couldn't go home for the same reason.

Periodically, I would think about my GS and have to go off for a private weep, but am doing my best not to think about him too much so I can get through it.

ginny Wed 30-Dec-20 19:21:32

Quiet, too quiet. Except when I could have done with a certain person being quiet.🥴

kircubbin2000 Wed 30-Dec-20 19:25:59

Went very well. Son and family called early and we had a long walk before they went to in laws. Then other son arrived with dinner he had cooked and we had a lovely meal and exchanged presents. Next day dil cooked another dinner and gs played some word games with us as she cooked. I was glad we went and I think they were glad to have us too.

sodapop Wed 30-Dec-20 19:31:49

Just the two of us here with the animals. Lovely day though, lots of parcels and phone calls from the family. Turkey dinner and Christmas pud - lovely.

Jaxjacky Wed 30-Dec-20 19:49:13

Muted, DD, DS and 2 GC’s for two hours, patio doors open, chiminea going, windows open, very quick lunch, no reminiscing and little chat. Normally they all stay from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. It was lovely to see them, they were spoiled as I served, no help yourselves, but it was good to sit in the warm again after they’d gone!

M0nica Wed 30-Dec-20 19:51:33

DD and I together by ourselves for a fortnight. She is our bubble, DH is in hospital, - and it has been lovely. Both of us can be very forthright and that can, on occasion, raise the temperature slightly! But all has been sweetness and light.

Alishka Wed 30-Dec-20 20:46:13

Just me here. My family live in the USA, my best friend in Thailand, so I've always been with one or the other, returning to the UK about 6 Jan, but this year it was a no-no. Not able to meet up with my English friends either.
S**t happens!
But my place is warm, I had food,wine, and tea. LOTS of tea!
E-mail, telephone, my books and the BBC - suited me smile

Pantglas2 Wed 30-Dec-20 20:58:17

We went to DDs for late lunch, beautifully cooked and served by SIL and spent the evening/night in their lovely new motorhome before saying goodbye the following morning and going home for brunch.

All disinfected, distanced and still delightful under these strange circumstances.

MiniMoon Wed 30-Dec-20 23:19:32

Very quiet really, just husband and me. We didn't visit the grandchildren, but we spoke on the phone. I also spoke to my two sisters who were having Christmas in their own homes too.

I was disappointed that the gift I ordered for dH hadn't arrived. I'm still waiting, but had an email from the company apologising for the delay. Apparently it is stuck in the cross channel traffic due to the new variant covid strain.

We enjoyed our day nonetheless.

Teacheranne Wed 30-Dec-20 23:39:25

My day was as expected, much quieter than previous years but I was at my sisters house with her hubby and two children and my daughter joined us so there were six of us instead of twelve normally. But we had a lovely meal and played board games and charades in the evening.

I took paper towels to use in the bathroom, sat far away from them and my nephew was deputised to move all the pieces in the board games! I decided not to drink so that I could drive home rather than get a taxi. Oh, and they let me have the windows open even though my brother in law thought I was paranoid.

I missed seeing my son who lives in Birmingham but we decided it was too far for him to travel without staying the night. We also missed my Mum as it was her first Christmas in a care home but I did manage a short window visit on Christmas Eve and took some mince pies to share - her sat in the warmth and me shivering outside!

Since Christmas Day though I have seen no one, spoken to no one and not left the house! Very boring.