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ninathenana Wed 06-Jan-21 13:55:29

DD has terrible trouble with 9 y.o. he flounces and strops and cries when she tries to get him to do school work. To be honest he plays her up a lot anyway, having to be asked several times to do anything. She tries gentle reasoning which will work for a day then it's back to square one.
DD and his dad are separated and she has him and his brother every other week.
What frustrates her most is he is perfectly compliant and makes no fuss when at our house and DD at work.
Any thoughts grans ?

B9exchange Wed 06-Jan-21 17:52:55

It is his way of protesting at the current situation, it is the only way he can, Children play up with the adult they feel safest with to let themselves go.

We have a similar situation with DD's two, and have agreed to home school them two days a week to give her a break. They are fine with us, but strop at the slightest thing with her.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 06-Jan-21 18:14:55

Totally agree B9Exchange one of our GC is the same so they are coming here several times a week, they concentrate much better.

MissAdventure Wed 06-Jan-21 18:25:42

My grandson is the same.
Mr Attitude had a phone call from a teacher today, and it was a few minutes after the arranged time.

"Nope!" Says he. "She's too late, tell her I won't talk to her".

Septimia Wed 06-Jan-21 18:35:57

I gather that my GD is much less compliant when with her mother than when with her father (my DS). I also understand that DS's home has more routine. Maybe that helps.

If your DD and her ex are on moderately friendly terms, maybe he could support her by checking in with the boys to see if they've done what they should. I don't suppose she'll like that much, but it might only need to be occasionally. Or perhaps you could have the same effect.

You could perhaps offer to do something interesting - remotely - with the boys when they have finished their schoolwork.

Sara1954 Wed 06-Jan-21 21:34:28

We have three of our grandchildren and their mum staying with us at the moment, after all the stresses of the last lockdown, with her seven year old throwing tantrums and refusing to cooperate, we decided that if we were locked down again, we would take a far more relaxed approach. We plan on doing some reading each day, some of the BBC programs made for lockdown, long walks, but not much sitting at the dining room table, trying to get him to concentrate.

annodomini Wed 06-Jan-21 22:12:16

It is going to be hard on Y11 students. They have been told that mock exam results won't count which is sad for my GS who had worked hard for his and got good grades. He knows he has to work on the assignments set by his teachers on line, yet again. Today I heard him playing FIFA on his X-Box, but he explained that he had a 10 minute break between his Maths and English lessons! They follow the usual two-week timetable which gave him a break this afternoon as PE isn't possible on line.

ninathenana Thu 07-Jan-21 09:25:01

Septima the boys are living with us when they are with DD as they normally live on a chalet site which is currently closed.
I try not to interfere when DD is home. I do think if I took charge of school work it would be better for GS and DD but I would only do it if asked.
Their father is totally uninterested in their school work.

Sarnia Thu 07-Jan-21 09:50:54

We are back to home schooling my 2 youngest GD's (6&7) in our house. During the first lockdown their school centered on the 3 R's and focused on projects such as pirates, sea creatures, healthy eating, that sort of thing where they could look up information and use art and craft to make a poster or a 3D model on their topic. It went well and they mostly enjoyed it. This time my daughter has received a very structured plan for each day. They have to register at 8.30 each morning and the day is packed with work until 3pm. So normal school hours really. If they miss registration it is recorded. My DD is even being told when they break for lunch! When the school said all children had to wear school uniform there was a backlash from parents, so the school have given up on that one. My DD is working from home and her husband is back working in cancer research full-time. Between the pair of us we managed yesterday but were both fairly frazzled by the end of it. Only another 5 and a bit weeks to go!