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An end to sourdough???

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Atqui Sun 10-Jan-21 17:09:02

I read an article yesterday or earlier this week where someone in the media said he was fed up with sourdough as his marmalade slipped through the holes. I know this makes me sound completely crazy but did anyone else see it? It’s driving me mad trying to find it in the paper . Please don’t tell me there are more important things in life - I know that , but thought someone with a better memory might have read it too!

Iam64 Sun 10-Jan-21 17:15:10

I didn't see it but of course, sourdough (like poodle crosses) has become Over Popular.
It's fate will be to be dismissed by people in London.
Here in North Manchester - I still love it. I don't care if my marmalade falls through the holes, it's delicious. Even beats Warburton's white toast loaf, which as we all know is Wicked and you may as well eat a sugar buttie but is unbeaten as toast with lashing of lurpak

Welshwife Sun 10-Jan-21 17:29:02

Have you ever made sourdough bread? I had ago about 15 years ago but it takes a long time - in the end I decided life was too short.

grandMattie Sun 10-Jan-21 17:30:02

There was something in the Telegraph yesterday about sourdough. Perhaps it was that?

Chewbacca Sun 10-Jan-21 17:33:23

Ah sugar butty Iam64; I've not thought about those for donkey's years! I was raised on those and pobs.

Atqui Sun 10-Jan-21 17:34:43

It would have been somewhere in the Times I think.
I have tried to make sourdough , but found it a bit of a faff and usually ended up more use as a demolition ball, so I’ve given up!! I agree with whoever wrote said article, give me a nice crusty white loaf !

B9exchange Sun 10-Jan-21 17:38:25

I tried during the first lockdown and made some quite passable loaves, but then we went on holiday, and when I came back my son, who was looking after the cats for us and living in our house while we were away, had thrown the starter out!

Pantglas2 Sun 10-Jan-21 17:45:42

There appears to be more ffaff with the starter than a toddler! I’m following Nigella and buying mine from our local bakery or Asda do the Polish sliced which is delicious 😋

I thought everyone knew the holes were to form the puddle of butter for mopping with the last mouthful......

Atqui Sun 10-Jan-21 17:48:37

Sorry everyone , it’s come to me in a flash of inspiration! It was written in a newsletter from our local farm shop. It was driving me crazy!

SueDonim Sun 10-Jan-21 17:51:30

Glad you’ve remembered, Atqui!

But nooooooo to an end to sourdough. I made a sour dough starter perhaps three or four years ago. I tend to it so solicitously that my children say I care more for my sourdough baby than I do them. grin

I don’t often make bread, though. I just like looking after the starter. blush

Atqui Sun 10-Jan-21 17:56:08

Ha ha Pantglas . Don’t think mine had many holes in it!

Atqui Sun 10-Jan-21 17:58:46

Here’s the bit about it

My partly light-hearted prediction for 2021. We’ve done butter so it’s time for the bread and I predict that by the end of the year sourdough will be on its way out. It’s all gone a bit too far and often, it feels as though normal bread has disappeared off the radar. It was great to start with but it’s just gone too far. It will always have its uses – with cheese or for dunking in olive oil etc but for breakfast toast and sandwiches it’s a disaster and try dipping it in a boiled egg.

silverlining48 Sun 10-Jan-21 18:01:08

I really like sourdough bread and care not a jot whether it’s ‘in’ or not. I get mine in Aldi, they do have a wholemeal Option but I prefer the white ( yes I know, but...) but white always seems to sell first.

Urmstongran Sun 10-Jan-21 18:05:14

Don’t you just love it (at our age) when we rack our brains to think of something and then boom out of the blue, here’s your answer!

Maggiemaybe Sun 10-Jan-21 18:11:22

Our little outdoor market has a Polish stallholder who sells nothing but his home baked white sourdough and a multi seeded sourdough. Delicious, but I wish he’d branch out a little....

DH toasted it once and I had to pass, as it could have broken a tooth at first nibble.

Callistemon Sun 10-Jan-21 18:22:22

Just when I was thinking of making some!

I need buttermilk, though, don't I?

Callistemon Sun 10-Jan-21 18:24:00

Who is he, Atqui?

He sounds like what I'd call A Pretentious Prat

Barmeyoldbat Sun 10-Jan-21 18:36:01

For some reason when ever I have sour dough It make me have a coughing fit so I try my hardest to avoid it..

Atqui Sun 10-Jan-21 18:36:51

Yes it’s so annoying when you have a senior moment but wonderful when, ping, you remember!
The author is one of the owners of Riverford Organic Farm in Devon. They have farm shops which also sell non organic produce so have different name , but they send out a newsletter every now and then !

MaizieD Sun 10-Jan-21 18:38:43


Just when I was thinking of making some!

I need buttermilk, though, don't I?

Buttermilk for sourdough? Nooooo...

I think you're thinking of a different sort of bread, Callistomen.

I got some starter from a friend a few years ago but the instructions for keeping the damn thing going took so much flour that it got very expensive. In the end I killed it. But.. I had frozen some, so in the first lockdown I decided to have another go.

After trawling quite a few sites and watching lots of videos I have discovered
1) You don't need to keep a massive starter going all the time because, a) you can leave it, unfed, in the fridge for a few days and it will revive very quickly and b) you only need to keep a small one going and use it as the basis for a big one when you plan to make bread with it.
2) You don't need to use those recipes with masses of liquid in them that leave you a really sticky clingy dough to cling to every available surface, including your hands work with. My recipe uses just over half liquid to flour and is fine and easier to handle. It's not as 'holey' as the experts' though..
3) If you do the initial bits, up to rising, at night and leave it to rise overnight it's ready to go in the morning.

All the purist sites say that commercially produced sourdough isn't the real thing.. Mind you, we loved Lidl's sourdough until they stopped selling it at our local branch..

Pantglas2 Sun 10-Jan-21 18:49:35

I like the Lidl one as well MaizieD!

Have you tried Spelt flour for making bread - my DD gave me some and I’m not sure about the liquid/kneading - I’ve read conflicting recipes?

Callistemon Sun 10-Jan-21 19:23:11

I think you're thinking of a different sort of bread, Callistomen.

I think I am.

It sounds like a cake I used to make years ago - there was a yeast starter and you passed some on to friends.
The chain got broken when I moved house.

I must try this again.

Callistemon Sun 10-Jan-21 19:27:52

The author is one of the owners of Riverford Organic Farm in Devon
I haven't ordered anything from them but have followed a couple of their online recipes; the pickled cucumber is very good.

SueDonim Sun 10-Jan-21 19:51:47

MaizieD, I abandon my sourdough baby in the fridge for weeks at a time. :bad mother: It always comes back to life when I feed it. In fact, I’ll go and rescue it right now and see if it has survived Xmas. grin

nadateturbe Sun 10-Jan-21 19:56:10

Lidl's is good. My husband doesn't like M&S sourdough - because one loaf had too many holes, seriously.
It's lovely toasted with mashed avocado.