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Mobile phone with a STRONG vibrate recommendations.

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LadyStardust Thu 14-Jan-21 18:53:57

Hello. My Dad is deaf and currently has a Doro smartphone which he is really struggling with. He thinks he would like to go back to a standard non smart phone, but the vibrate on some of them is pitifully weak. I know there are phones with many features for people who are hard of hearing, such as extra loud ring tones/enhanced sound, but these are useless to someone who is profoundly deaf! He needs something to 'explode' in his pocket in order for him to know he has a message! Any recommendations please? Thank you.

Pittcity Thu 14-Jan-21 22:02:30

A smart watch can be set to vibrate on your wrist as a notification.

LadyStardust Fri 15-Jan-21 09:10:18

Thank you. Its a possibility yes. But Dad is 86 and might object to another expensive smart device, which he can't understand! Maybe there is a very simple one. I'll look into it. Thanks again.

Pittcity Fri 15-Jan-21 09:12:43

There are some that are around £25.

Lilypops Fri 15-Jan-21 09:17:01

Lady stardust. Hello. If you go on Amazon , type in phones for elderly. A lot will come up with their functions which you will be able to choose the right one for your Dad,
My DH is hard of hearing and not at all technical. , I got him one where you type in the most needed buttons and he just has to press them. It wasn’t a Doro. Good Luck

LadyStardust Fri 15-Jan-21 13:32:58

Thanks Pittcity and Lilypops. The button thing sounds good. An afternoon of browsing phones and smart watches is coming up! Have a good weekend.

Skallagrigg Fri 15-Jan-21 13:58:38

Could you get in touch with the deaf society, who maybe able to point you in right direction.