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Lost my soulmate but not next of kin

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Barneysmommy Wed 20-Jan-21 01:36:45

I met my partner on 9th june 1990. we had a happy and close relationship for 30 years. we had great times and we had sad times. We had a son in 1995 we both adore.

we decided to celebrate our love on 6th June 2020 by getting married. We arranged a big affair church wedding 140 guests and this was going to be our great day to celebrate our love for each other.

covid came churches and venues were closed. We decided to postpone the wedding until the world returned to normal and have the wedding we had planned later.

On 2nd January a couple of weeks ago my beloved did not wake up his heart had completly failed. He had gone

I am devastated i have lost my soulmate. Have no idea how life can go on without him by my side

However, am writing this post today to warn people in situations similar to mine.

My lifetime partner the man i met when he was 30 and i was 26 died when he was 61 and i am 57. we lived together 30 years, any agency who asked we both put the other as next of kin. I did my will a few years ago my partner was always going to do it but he never did.

Since his death I have tried to claim a small life insurance policy that I arranged and paid from my bank, that policy only covers a third of his funeral. i have tried to deal with the coroner undertakers and department of works and pensions and been told none of them can deal with me because i am not next of kin.

My partner had 3 children a 41 year old daughter who has been to visit her father 3 times in the last 10 years. a son who we last saw 2 years ago. we have a son we share who we saw everyday.

My step daughter is the next of kin in the eyes of the law and does not want to hear what her fathers wishes are and is constantly telling me to keep my nose out.I am not aloowed to have anything to do with funeral rrangement.our ounger son has tried to talk to her and asked her to think of my feelings but she wont listen.
I just feel our 30 years together has been rubbished because we were not married even though a wedding was planned and the oldest daughter was being includedbecause she was going to be matron of honour. how can i be cut out like this

Bibbity Wed 24-Feb-21 22:37:10

I am so sorry for your loss.

Don’t reply to anything at all about money.
Then after the funeral tell her you didn’t plan it and you will not pay for it.
You are not liable for any costs.