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Advantages of a Kindle over the app on an ipad

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Thoro Sat 17-Apr-21 15:27:22

I’ve got a kindle app which I am starting to use but wonder if a dedicated kindle player has any advantages.
I get a bit frustrated that whatever I’m reading goes back to the beginning whenever I turn the pad off and I have to remember to mark my page with a bookmark to ever find where I’d read to. (Or am I just being a numpty!)

aggie Sat 17-Apr-21 15:33:14

My iPad opens where I last stopped reading , no idea how to set that , it happened automatically

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 17-Apr-21 15:35:27

I find that using the Kindle on my iPad drains the battery, my Kindle battery used to last for ages, it’s a pity I gave it to GD.......

Pittcity Sat 17-Apr-21 16:38:59

A Kindle Paperwhite means no reflection on the screen, so easy to read in all lights. The battery lasts for weeks.
Disadvantage is that you need to carry both Kindle and tablet as the internet browser on a Kindle is very basic.

Thoro Sat 17-Apr-21 16:41:47

Thank you - I had noticed my battery running out quickly!

Scribbles Sat 17-Apr-21 16:49:06

I'd hate to be without my Kindle! The way the screen is lit makes it much more restful on the eyes in artificial light than a tablet; you can read it without difficulty in even the brightest sunlight; it weighs quite a lot less than most tablets making it more comfortable to hold one-handed and for reading in bed. Its easy to use either right or left handed whereas most tablets seem to assume right handed use.

I do have the Kindle app on phone and tablet (in case of emergency!) but they're rarely used because, for a serious reader, Kindle is just so much better.

annodomini Sat 17-Apr-21 16:50:40

I have one of the early models of the Paperwhite and the battery needs frequent re-charging, so it's good to know that if this one eventually gives up completely, I can get one with a longer lasting battery. I also use my Kindle Fire for reading. It's no good outdoors because of the reflections, but it's useful when the Paperwhite is re-charging.

Visgir1 Sat 17-Apr-21 18:19:30

Kindle paperwhite worth every penny. Couldn't live without one now.

Sunlover Sat 17-Apr-21 18:55:38

Love my kindle. Light and easy to carry. Great for holidays. Can easily download a new book whenever I want one. The main attraction for me is that they can be read in bright sunshine sitting on a sunbed. ☀️👏☀️👏

jusnoneed Sat 17-Apr-21 19:19:58

I have a Kindle Paperwhite which I use downstairs or can put in my bag if I want to take it with me.
On my iPad I use Apple books, don't find it drains the battery any quicker then the Kindle does. It opens on the page I was reading last.
Yes I read two different books each day.

Thoro Sat 17-Apr-21 20:21:38

Thank you for your comments- another quick question- do you have to have a computer to charge them? When looking it mentioned charging via usb and your computer (and I haven’t got a computer) thanks

Gajahgran Sat 17-Apr-21 21:04:08

I use the Libby app on my ipad. If you have a uk library card it is free to use. You can order up to 8 books, borrow them when available for 21 days and then return them. It's a very good system. Just log on to your library and download the app. I believe it's also available in other countries. And it remembers the page for you, tells you how long you have been reading and how much longer it estimates you will take to finish the book.

GrandmaKT Sat 17-Apr-21 21:08:07

Hi Thoro. No, you don't need a computer, they come with a mains USB adapter (plug)

Mollygo Sat 17-Apr-21 21:29:18


Hi Thoro. No, you don't need a computer, they come with a mains USB adapter (plug)

And when you’ve lost the cable, or you need an extra one, the £1 shop sells them. Just check the end connection.

Pittcity Sat 17-Apr-21 22:37:27

Mine uses the same charger as my phone.
It comes with a plug.

Thoro Sun 18-Apr-21 05:33:09

Thank you all - I will bite the bullet and order one today!

Airedale19 Mon 19-Apr-21 08:51:13

A kindle is best for the eyes and nice and light in the hands. I use my iPad to buy books for the kindle and disable the purchasing function direct from the kindle itself, just in case I lose it.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 19-Apr-21 09:09:45

The first time I used my Kindle (pre iPad) I ‘turned’ the page and threw the thing across the room!
In those days they weren’t backlit so I had to have the lights on, the newer ones are far more user friendly.

sf101 Mon 19-Apr-21 09:22:00

Kindle Paperwhite every time, I love mine.

Witzend Mon 19-Apr-21 09:29:50

I still like actual books, but love my Kindle Paperwhite too. Can slip it in a small bag, great for reading in bed without needing the light on, great for big fat doorstop books that are too heavy to read in bed, great for taking on holiday rather than the 4+ books I’d normally need for a week.

Plus of course anything you fancy reading can be whizzed into it within seconds - for a price, of course. So a bit like Amazon’s one-click - can be expensive!

Mollygo Mon 19-Apr-21 10:34:29

Witzend I love books too and yes, my Kindle can be expensive, but I bought Trisha Ashley’s ‘Written from the Heart’, so disappointed after about 50 pages, I returned it for a refund. I can’t do that with a real book.

Thoro Mon 19-Apr-21 10:53:22

Thank you - my Kindle Paperwhite should arrive on Wednesday!
During lockdown I have been buying loads of books then haven’t known what to do with them after I’ve read them.
You did make me laugh Oopsadaisyl!

Kamiso Mon 19-Apr-21 10:53:35

I mix and match. I am currently reading a book ordered from our local library with another isolating in a paper carrier bag in the hall.

I also have lots of downloaded books on my kindle and on my iPad.

I couldn’t bear to be without a book to read. Ingrained habit as both my parents were readers.

One of our local councillors is desperate to shut down libraries. He boasts that he hasn’t read a book since leaving school and doesn’t seem to want anyone else to either. Vital that we support them as the computers are often in use for homework and for contacting overseas relatives.

I’ll be glad when the library re-opens so I can browse to my hearts content. We currently have to order in advance then pick up the books a few days later.

Spice101 Tue 20-Apr-21 00:17:10

I started with a Kindle but now use an iPad mini. I find it much easier to use but I agree with others saying the Kindle is readable in sunlight. My Kindle is actually heavier than the mini iPad and I don't find the iPad battery goes flat quickly.
The screen on the Kindle is much smaller than that of the iPad and if the print is enlarged there is not lot that can fit on the screen.

For travel, the iPad as it does both reading an internet.

nanna8 Tue 20-Apr-21 00:51:43

I use Libby, too on my iPad. One of the advantages is that it is free and you can download books anytime day or night. I do notice here that some books are unavailable and you have to wait for them but they let you know when they arrive. That’s Australia, though, and we are not renowned for efficiency and a availability. I have a very old kindle but Libby doesn’t work on that and you have to pay for stuff from Amazon. Also you keep the books but I don’t really want that once I’ve read them.