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Ore paid Funeral ? Anyone

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Clio51 Thu 13-May-21 16:05:08

Was thinking off doing this, it’s the one you pay upfront for and you decide what you want etc

What happens if the company goes bust or closes down before you have past ?
Does anyone know ?
Say you pay for it now but don’t pass say for 20 yrs on

Clio51 Thu 13-May-21 16:05:21


Nonogran Thu 13-May-21 16:34:40

There's been lots of threads about this!
I visited 4 local funeral directors. I also looked on line.
I asked loads of questions of all I spoke to at their premises & learned a lot. I made it a bit of a project over a few weeks.
I even rang the local crem' to be reassured about exactly how much does it cost to cremate someone? (£1000 at that time)
With all info gathered together & brochures read, I chose a local provider.
The money I paid goes into a proper underwritten safety net account. I have a certificate to prove it. It does not stay with the undertaker.
I do not have to pay another penny however long I live.
Be careful of providers who will ask you to "top up" your fund in the intervening years. This is an important question clarify.
The act of taking out a plan is liberating & you should find most undertakers truly helpful. If not, go elsewhere. Also ask if they are certified members of their own professional organisations. At present the providers are not government regulated as far as I know. Its a truly revealing & liberating experience so just go for it .....!