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Plug in hybrid cars

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kittylester Sat 22-May-21 08:55:55

DH is on a mission. Does anyone have any experiences, good or bad?

Thank you!

MawBe Sat 22-May-21 09:03:11

It’s a minefield, and not made easier by the prices- will they come down?
There have been rumours of hybrids going the same way as diesels- promoted by the government only a few years ago and then and now seriously penalised if not demonised)

As for all-electric, SIL has a TESLA and loves it and it has an excellent range but I am as yet unconvinced by electric cars if you only have one (like me)
D is buying a hybrid Discovery (when JLR can sort themselves out to deliver it) so that she uses the electric on local short drives in town to reduce pollution but petrol (I assume rather than diesel which she has at present) for the long distance family journeys.

mumofmadboys Sat 22-May-21 09:05:09

We have a hybrid Toyota Corolla which we are very pleased with. But it doesnt plug in, it recharges itself

Katie59 Sat 22-May-21 09:31:07

I have a hybrid Toyota very good no problems, most plug ins will give you 20 miles or so electric power so good for lots of local journeys and charge from a 13a plug overnight.
No advantage on longer journeys, you are probably paying a similar price that a full electric car will cost. If it’s a car just for local journeys there are several EVs , Renault Zoe etc that are very tempting, one of my nieces has one, loves it

kittylester Sat 22-May-21 10:36:22

We have found, since the lockdown, that we rarely need two cars and we both enjoy driving the bigger car (nominally mine!!) and are not too keen on DH's smaller one but intend to keep it as a 'spare'.

Most journeys, including ours, are 30 miles or so this it makes sense to have a plug in as the first 30 miles or so use no petrol, using just the battery.

I am not keen to have a wholly electric as I'm not sure the infrastructure is there yet. Plus I like an SUV type not a saloon.

Some we have looked at do a small amount of self charging as well.

jusnoneed Sat 22-May-21 14:41:00

We don't have one ourselves but my sons friend has a Tesla which he loves, he just has to plan his journeys (uses it for work and pleasure) to make sure he has charging points available.
My cousin has just ordered a fully electric Hyundai Kona due to be built and shipped by September, which partly self charges as you drive, you top with from charger (he's getting one fitted at home for free) and he says that will cost between £3.00 to £5 every few weeks. It has a range of 300 miles. He borrowed one and did a 140 mile trip and loved it.

MelBB Sun 23-May-21 21:26:27

I have a Hyundai Kona self charging hybrid and I get around 50mpg. It would be higher around town but round here there's lots of 60mph roads.

Self-charging saves plugging it in and potentially being low in electric - I'd recommend checking your local plug in network, unless you plan to have a box installed because the lack of working network put me off. Plus, the Kona is very comfy in my humble opinion!

MelBB Sun 23-May-21 21:27:35

PS. I love sitting in traffic now or driving at low speeds as I know Im saving fuel⛽ 😂😂😂

Katie59 Sun 23-May-21 21:47:56

For a plug in EV you don’t need a special charger at home they will charge overnight from a 13A plug using supplied adaptor.
Full EVs do need a special charger to get the full benefit.

OH has an EV range is around 230 miles, there are plenty of rapid chargers and getting more, if you do need to charge enroute you have to plan ahead, most times it’s just a top up then charge fully at home.

kittylester Sun 23-May-21 21:48:52

With a plug in hybrid there is no chance of running out of power unless there is no petrol.

Mrst1405 Sun 23-May-21 21:58:48

We have a Kuga plug in. Its fabulous! Electric round our village but petrol for longer trips and charges itself. Its very, very quiet. We've had a re call for a new big battery to be fitted but they gave us 800 euros (we live in spain) worth of petrol. We can plug it into an ordinary socket and most villages have free charging points. Its a top of the range model and really great.

kittylester Sun 23-May-21 22:02:43

Oooh, Mrst1405, we are looking at a Kuga. Glad you like it.

mumofmadboys Sun 23-May-21 23:02:40

Our Corolla does about 66 mpg

kittylester Mon 24-May-21 10:34:38

Thank you all for your input.

We travelled on the M1 yesterday - a great place for car spotting. We were quite taken by the Volvo - don't suppose anyone has one of those?