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vegansrock Sun 30-May-21 07:24:35

My DC usually club together to get me a decent birthday present, This year I thought I might ask for a flower subscription - one of those companies that sends you flowers once a fortnight or whatever. Has anyone had one of these and is there any companies you would recommend?

FannyCornforth Sun 30-May-21 07:29:39

I've heard very good things about Freddie's Flowers - but they may be London only.
I've looked into similar things only with houseplants, but I can't remember their names...
Sorry - not the most informative post! Hope you get some better responses than mine!

Casdon Sun 30-May-21 07:40:31

My daughter got me a three month subscription to Bloom and Wild for my birthday this year, they are flat packed and come through the letterbox. They were absolutely beautiful, different flowers each time.

Liz46 Sun 30-May-21 08:09:26

I wish my daughters wouldn't spend large amounts of money in sending me flowers. I have had some shocking bunches of flowers that upset me because they had obviously spent a lot of money on them.

One time they were so bad that I sent my daughters a photo and the flowers were replaced.

One bunch was from Bloom and Wild and they were good.

I'd much prefer a plant that I could look after and keep alive.

Aldom Sun 30-May-21 08:16:10

At Christmas I was given a three month subscription to Bloom and Wild. All the bouquets were lovely. I recommend them.

Daisymae Sun 30-May-21 08:35:40

Bloom and Wilde are excellent. Work out about £20 a month for an annual subscription, but there are others. The flowers often last for 10 days, although as they are letterbox they take a day to wake up.

NotSpaghetti Sun 30-May-21 10:34:13

Cornish blooms are a UK company using only UK flowers.
Most are grown on their own farm.

I have only been buying British blooms for a few years now and I know this company is reliable.
They have a subscription offer.

JackyB Sun 30-May-21 11:33:32

After glowing reviews on Gransnet I stopped using Bunches and went over to Bloom And Wild. They certainly are really fresh by all accounts.

Check with a local florist, though, if they do a similar system, cut out the middle man and maybe get more for the money.

Daisymae Sun 30-May-21 11:40:48

Cornish blooms look interesting. Will give them a go. Never heard of them before.