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Suddenly, my 4 year old grandson doesnt want to see me.

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Carol2021 Thu 03-Jun-21 23:33:55

Because of Covid schools are closed and my 4 yr old grandson is home.
I have been enjoying the opportunity of spending more time with him. He facetimes me at lunch, we have outside play for about 3 hrs most afternoons. He can't wait until i get home to facetime me again at dinner.
This week he doesn't want to see me in person or on facetime.
I have no idea what has happened. Help.

Hithere Thu 03-Jun-21 23:35:55

Give it time.
It could be something he is going through, it is not personal

SueDonim Fri 04-Jun-21 00:04:24

Children’s moods change with the wind, simply because they can. Hang on in there and I’m sure he’ll come round again soon.

welbeck Fri 04-Jun-21 01:44:02

ask his parents ?

BlueBelle Fri 04-Jun-21 04:34:27

Why does he FaceTime you at lunch and again at teatime if you are with him 3 hours ‘nearly every afternoon’ ?? Perhaps he’s getting too much of you
Where are you in the world Schools have been opened months in U.K. ???

vegansrock Fri 04-Jun-21 06:31:45

It’s half term.....

Calendargirl Fri 04-Jun-21 06:39:12


It’s half term.....

The OP says Because of Covid schools are closed

NanKate Fri 04-Jun-21 06:59:27

My 10 year old DGS chats happily to me on FaceTime however my 8 year old DGS avoids speaking to me on FaceTime, I’m lucky to get a Hello.

Children go through phases. Please don’t put him under pressure. He will come back to you in his own good time.

vegansrock Fri 04-Jun-21 07:00:42

calendargirl I said it’s half term.... as I was thinking maybe there are some bored younger people around who like to post seemingly ridiculous scenarios. Not that I’m saying this is one of them.

Esspee Fri 04-Jun-21 07:03:40

Might it be possible that he has heard that children can pass on covid causing grannies to die?

SpanielNanny Fri 04-Jun-21 07:04:47

I mean this with kindness, but is it possible that he’s just seen a bit too much of you and is a little bit bored? 3 hours together everyday, and then 2 phone calls is a lot by anyones standards. There aren’t many people I’d want to spend that much time with, all of the time
Give him a little of space, I’m sure he’ll come around in no time.

Calendargirl Fri 04-Jun-21 07:05:07

Sorry vegansrock I see what you mean.

Hmm, perhaps. But so many posts seem to fall into odd scenarios…..

M0nica Fri 04-Jun-21 07:05:50

You did nothing. Check with his parents, but that is what children do at that age.

My DGS at much the same age suddely decided that grandpa was everything and grandma was of no interest and would side swerve me to greet his grandfather when we arrived at their house.

I think this stage lasted a year or so, but some six years later roughly, we have the happiet and closest of relation ships and have had for most of that time.

Too many grandmothers invest too much of themselves in their grandchildren. Young children are prone to what we see as irrationlal behaviour, but they get over it.

Ashcombe Fri 04-Jun-21 07:10:28

I think Carol2021 is a new contributor as I can’t find any other posts from her. Perhaps she would like to return to share further information in response to posters here.

Chestnut Fri 04-Jun-21 16:51:21

It sounds like he had a craze and now it's passed. Typical of that age, one minute they want something every minute and the next they lose interest and drop it. You did have a lot of contact there, maybe too much. Have a break and let him decide when he wants to make contact again. His mother can ask him now and then if he wants to. He'll be back, don't worry. But don't force him.

FannyCornforth Fri 04-Jun-21 17:06:47

Why are there two threads?
I reported one because I thought that this had been deleted.
Apologies, but I'm still perplexed

ElaineI Fri 04-Jun-21 19:03:35

I don't understand why anyone would bother posting something not true. Weird. As for the post - that would drive me insane. 4 year olds tend to speak to you then disappear while you are holding on wondering if they are coming back or not and if mummy realises and can rescue you. Once a day is enough for me.

crazygma12 Thu 24-Jun-21 15:18:54

im new to gransnet and a new gma and im finding my feet my grandson is 11 months old

DiscoDancer1975 Fri 25-Jun-21 15:15:03

I doubt you’ve done anything. He’s four years old. At the moment he’s entitled to sporadic behaviour. It does sound like he sees a lot of you. Maybe he needs a break! Sorry....don’t mean to sound unkind. He’ll be back.