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Cleaning a three piece suite

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Espana Sat 12-Jun-21 13:41:58

I have a ten year old suite that needs cleaning. It is not stained but is looking very lack lustre. Our first idea was to buy a VAX carpet cleaner with accessories for upholstery. It cleaned our carpets beautifully but we found it too heavy and water logging for the suite (we cleaned a large footstool in the kitchen and the water went everywhere). We then contacted two professional steam cleaning companies but they cannot help because we live on the second floor with no lift and the equipment they use is too heavy to bring upstairs. We now think we may have to have it recovered but haven’t yet got a price for this. Have Gnetters any advice as to how we could clean it by hand before we go down this route. I would like to get rid and buy new but DH not keen as it was very expensive.p

annodomini Sat 12-Jun-21 14:03:00

When I had mine re-covered, after 11 years use, it cost me as much as the original purchase!

Espana Sat 12-Jun-21 14:05:46

Yes, annodomini but could you have bought a new suite with the same amount?

annodomini Sat 12-Jun-21 14:07:12

Point taken, Espana. grin

JaneJudge Sat 12-Jun-21 14:08:02

washing up liquid worked into a really thick lather and a really good scrub and then steam with a handheld steamer or an iron and wet towel

Espana Sat 12-Jun-21 14:11:08

Thanks JaneJudge will give it a try on a inconspicuous place. Fingers crossed.