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Singing after restrictions are lifted?

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Cabbie21 Sun 20-Jun-21 14:48:43

One of the choirs I belong to has sent out a questionnaire about a return to singing, once it is permitted.
It is good that our opinions are sought, but I honestly do not know how to answer. Of course, we will abide by whatever rules are in place, but where things are optional, the committee want everyone to feel safe, so we are asked to say if we want shorter rehearsals, with or without an interval, with or without refreshments, whether we should wear masks except when actually singing, whether we should sit 1m or 2m apart.

On the one hand I want us to stay safe, and the virus is airborne, but if most of us have had both vaccinations, should there be any need for restrictions?
I sing in another small group of 6 people and we have all loved being able to do this and developed our confidence to sing our own part without the support of lots of others around us. But larger choirs will want to restart, once it is allowed.
Any thoughts?

Jaxjacky Sun 20-Jun-21 15:03:37

Gosh, they’re brave asking for views with multiple options, they’ll get numerous different answers. I can’t help really as I’m not in the same situation, best of luck!

Santana Sun 20-Jun-21 18:38:29

My DD is in the local Rock Choir, and they have been singing on Zoom. The choir leaders have worked so hard cutting and mixing, keeping up everyone's spirits
They are now beginning to meet outside in groups of no more than 30 and will be in their individual parts ( DD is alto I think)
They are used to performing outside, but this is going to be strange.
I should add that my DD caught Covid during a performance in Feb 2020 because someone had come back from Italy and hugged everyone.
It sounds like your choir is a bit more formal, but I think you need to go for it. The benefits outway the risk, just no hugging.
Mixing with others feels strange my DD says, so be prepared for nerves. She can only sing a bit as Long Covid is affecting her lung capacity, but hoping it will increase with practice.

Cabbie21 Sun 20-Jun-21 23:25:28

Thanks for replies.
I am sure there will be some singers who decide not to return, and others who will be happy for there to be no restrictions. I guess I sit in the middle, wanting to go back, but also wanting to be safe.

JackyB Mon 21-Jun-21 04:47:55

We had a poll, too, albeit only with the one question "do you want to sing again?" and nearly everybody answered yes. We have had one rehearsal outdoors, only 8 of us at 3m distance. We have one more rehearsal and then we sing a Sunday service. Little steps.

Elizabeth1 Mon 21-Jun-21 08:09:30

My local church congregation has been allowed to sing behind masks for the past two weeks. What’s that all about? Especially if your glasses steam up me as mine do 😩😩

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 21-Jun-21 08:20:14

My daughter’s choir in South London is meeting again but in smaller groups. They are already planning a concert for next month. She is thrilled.

Ellianne Mon 21-Jun-21 08:24:08

Of course you want to get back to singing, it lifts the spirit and provides good interaction. If a few sensible measures are put in place then I see no problem. Can the choir master just make the decision for the group to make it easier?
I think people are at far more at risk from cuddling their unvaccinated school age grandchildren (which most of us do now), than singing with a group of vaccinated friends. We need to get things back in perspective as otherwise we could be waiting another year.

Luckygirl Mon 21-Jun-21 09:18:08

Singing is a known high risk activity.

The small choir that I run has been meeting in my garden for the last couple of weeks, but only those who have been fully vaccinated - that was a mutual decision by the members.

I am on the committee of a choral society and we have spent the last few weeks doing risk assessments etc and planning for our first live rehearsal in I don't know how long. As it is in Wales the restrictions imposed by the venue are very strict indeed. Two m distancing when entering building; seats set at 2 m distance; all windows, doors and fanlights open; only 30 people allowed; wearing of masks compulsory; one way system in and out of the building etc. We have bought singing mask inserts for everyone - the inserts pull the mask away from the mouth a bit.

There is a lot of information about all this on the Making Music website.

Sparklefizz Mon 21-Jun-21 09:24:58

I am very interested in the singing mask inserts you mention, Luckygirl as my choir is desperate to start up again. Where are they available? Is there any info?

Luckygirl Mon 21-Jun-21 09:27:13

Go to the Making Music website - you can buy them through there. Good luck with getting started again.

Sparklefizz Mon 21-Jun-21 09:37:10

Thanks Lucky. We have tried Zoom and garden singing, but none of it's the same and hardly anyone has turned up.