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What size dish??

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Scentia Wed 23-Jun-21 21:33:45

I need to make a bean casserole complete with vegan dumplings for 6 people. As I am no cook I need to purchase a pan or casserole dish. What size do I need???

CanadianGran Wed 23-Jun-21 22:58:14

I would say about 2 quarts or 2litres. I checked a casserole recipe for 6 and that was the size required.

Scentia Thu 24-Jun-21 07:33:48


NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Jun-21 10:57:08

Hi, I think that is way too small for 6 people where you are putting dumplings in.
It sounds as though this is the main item of the meal.
I'd be using double that I think.
Will find out how big my casserole dish is that I use for six if it's to be the "main item" on the plate, and come back.

greenlady102 Sun 27-Jun-21 10:57:25

as general advice, if it will fit in your storage and your oven, always go a bit bigger. You can cook smaller amounts in bigger but not bigger amounts in smaller!

crazyH Sun 27-Jun-21 11:00:56

If you do a lot of entertaining, Why don’t you treat yourself to one of those all singing , all dancing Cook pot ….It’s like a large Ricecooker - it’s not just for rice

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Jun-21 11:26:48

Okay, mine is a 27cm Le Creuset. They don't make that anymore but the 26cm is 5.3litre and the 28cm is 6.7litre.

I use this for stews with dumplings, big shepherds pies and chunky soups.
It is big enough for 7 as there used to be 7 of us regularly. My mother-in-law gave me this casserole when she stopped "cooking for the family". There were six of them in the holidays.

Don't forget, you can put less in a big one but not more in a small one.

Moggycuddler Sun 27-Jun-21 11:40:59

Depends how much your people eat, how big an appetite they have! I often cook recipes that say it's for 4 or 5 just for the three of us. 😊

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Jun-21 12:49:58

Just found an article on a gift-giving site entitled Which size is right for you?
Thought you might like to see it.
They are saying 26cm (5.3 litres) for 6 people.
Here's a screenshot.

lizzypopbottle Sun 27-Jun-21 12:57:53

You could use two smaller ones....

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Jun-21 13:03:28

Yes. That would work, lizziepopbottle. Anything really so long as there's room for the dumplings to swell up and flavours to mingle.
I fancy this dumpling dinner myself to be honest!

sweetcakes Sun 27-Jun-21 13:16:11

I use those enamel dishes with the blue stripe round the edges perfect not expensive and easier to gauge as lizzypopbottle suggested.

Scentia Sun 27-Jun-21 14:35:30

Thanks so much folks.

Brocky Sun 27-Jun-21 15:53:52

I have never cooked a casserole for 6+ people.

N4nna Sun 27-Jun-21 23:42:51

The bigger the better but make sure that it will fit in your oven. Maybe one that you can start off on your job and then put in the oven… Make too much and you can easily freeze for another meal 😃 enjoy your meal x

Shropshirelass Mon 28-Jun-21 09:54:35

If they are like my family it needs to be as large as possible and double up at least on the quantities! They have large appetites - that’s farmers for you. No vegans though, all meat eaters.