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de Vere Hotels

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kittylester Fri 06-Aug-21 13:31:18

Any one stayed in a de Vere Hotel? Any comments?

Thank you!

Gymstagran Fri 06-Aug-21 15:28:40

I stayed in one with my daughter when she was recuperating from an operation. The grounds were beautiful. The service wasn't so great. The restaurant didn't open everyday. It was a large site and the room was fine but quite far from the reception and buffet/ breakfast restaurant. There was no in room meal service. The hotels are often used for work conferences. The cafe wasn't open when we went so there was no place to get snacks. We had gone on public transport and it was quite a walk to the nearest supermarket. As ever it depends on what you want.

Blossoming Fri 06-Aug-21 15:53:57

They vary a great deal, they have golf hotels, village hotels, spa hotels, etc. It depends what you want from your stay really. I’ve only used them for business trips.