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Fox ‘visiting’ my garden (note....poo mentioned in post)

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Kateykrunch Wed 01-Sep-21 22:51:10

A few times each week for the last 4 weeks we have had a deposit left on our lawn. It is happening during the night/early hours. There are no neighbours who allow their dogs out alone. It may be my next door neighbours ill Cat, but does look like a dog poo, I think it might be a fox. Any deterrents you can advise as it is not a pleasant job for Hubby to have to clear so regularly.

Shelflife Wed 01-Sep-21 23:07:11

Very likely a fox . We have the same problem, however in the grand scheme of things we are not stressing about this. We don't see the culprit but hear foxes screaming in the early hours of the morning.

Redhead56 Thu 02-Sep-21 01:08:47

Cat poo stinks beyond belief fox poo is thin and long and extremely dark in colour. I don’t consider foxes a problem just like hedgehogs I encourage them they are wild animals.

Germanshepherdsmum Thu 02-Sep-21 10:14:18

Clearing the deposits away a few times a week is surely a small price to pay for having a garden that is accessible to wildlife.

Greyduster Thu 02-Sep-21 11:10:26

We have had a similar problem recently. It can’t be cats because they could climb the fence and the gate, but DH put wire mesh across the gate and it appears to have stopped so assume it was a fox. Never seen or heard one in the ten years we have been here though we border onto farmland.

Kateykrunch Sat 11-Sep-21 15:35:22

Seems to have abated now, fingers crossed, thank you.