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Are loaves of bread shorter in length or is it me?

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25Avalon Sun 19-Sep-21 12:17:03

Just lately I have noticed large loaves of bread seem shorter in length. They say 800g which is the standard large size so I know they must weigh that at least. Do they have increased density? Or is it that the previous UK standard large 2lb large loaves weighed 900g so as bakeries continued to use their old pans we got extra bread for our money so to speak but now they have changed their tins for the smaller size?

The present loaf doesn’t last very long. So come on Boris if you are bringing back imperial can we have the old 2lb loaf back please?

Blossoming Sun 19-Sep-21 12:42:00

From the Federation of Bakers website.

Bread Weights

Until 2008 legislation required all bread sold in the UK to weigh 400g or multiples thereof.

We now have different sizes of loaf offering consumers greater choice and convenience. However many loaves are still sold in 800g (large) or 400g (small) weights.

Newatthis Sun 19-Sep-21 13:26:19

I think many things are a lot smaller than they were but yet charging us the same price or more. Chocolate bars, ice cream tubs, sweets etc. Someone should look into this.

Hellogirl1 Sun 19-Sep-21 13:44:15

It`s to fool us into thinking the price hasn`t gone up.