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Mobility help at airport

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Devorgilla Sun 19-Sep-21 21:22:09

First time my husband is likely to need this and I have no idea how to get it. He doesn't need a wheelchair. Just the cart they load you and your bags on if you need assistance to the gate. Anyway got any idea if you have to book or can just hop on? We are flying on this occasion from Leeds/Bradford. Thanks for your help.

Devorgilla Sun 19-Sep-21 21:24:13

Anyway should read anyone. Autocorrect again.

gt66 Sun 19-Sep-21 21:32:12

I have used special assistance several times for my father and requested it at the time of booking. They ask if you are providing your own wheelchair, or need an airport one. I've only used it at Luton airport and the desk is very near the entrance.

I once travelled with a friend's elderly mother, who needed assistance, but not a wheelchair. She was taken on the wheeled cart, but I think they used a wheelchair to put her onto the plane. It has always worked very well for me, but access your booking and see if you can add it on, otherwise give the airline a call.

gt66 Sun 19-Sep-21 21:34:52

This is with Easyjet and there was no charge for the service.

welbeck Sun 19-Sep-21 21:43:04

it doesn't sound very safe to be riding the luggage trolley as a passenger.
why not request a wheelchair.

Polarbear2 Sun 19-Sep-21 21:49:12

Did it with my mum once. It was fabulous. First on the plane. Last off tho. The staff at the other end (Portugal) were wonderful too. Never been so looked after.

Hetty58 Sun 19-Sep-21 21:49:22

My mother used to book wheelchair assistance every time. She didn't actually need it, just disliked the whole airport routine (and loved being 'special').

NotTooOld Sun 19-Sep-21 22:29:30

I did that once when DH broke his leg. I remember he got a seat on the trolley but there was no room for me. I had to run behind the cart and felt a right wally. Those carts can go pretty fast and I can't. Your DM had the right idea, Hetty.

Hetty58 Sun 19-Sep-21 22:33:09

NotTooOld, as she said to me 'It's like using the disabled loo - you don't have to prove that you need it!'

Teacheranne Sun 19-Sep-21 22:41:52

You usually do need to book it, either when sorting out ticket or by contacting the travel company. I’ve used it several times as I cannot walk far. I have always walked into the airport on my own then gone to the assisted office after checking in. But now I don’t know if that is too much for me so might need to see if I can be met at the entrance or closer to the luggage check in.

It’s great at the other end too although I have found that at some small airports ie Chania on Crete, we were waiting so long for the lift to attach to the plane ( only way off in a wheel chair) that I gave up waiting and hobbled off! But in big US airports, it is brilliant as the people pushing me knew the short cuts!

25Avalon Sun 19-Sep-21 22:46:45

Did this many years ago with our disabled son going to Florida. The special assistants couldn’t have been more helpful. We were last off the flight whilst his manual wheelchair was located but we didn’t find that a problem. Special service was booked in advance.

Esspee Sun 19-Sep-21 22:54:40

You must book, I also confirmed that it was noted a week before departure.

Callistemon Sun 19-Sep-21 23:02:56

You can book a buggy; it doesn't have to be a wheelchair.
I'm not sure about Leeds/Bradford but we used them last time at Heathrow for speed.

harrigran Mon 20-Sep-21 08:26:59

My sister had to return to Germany on her own and she had broken bones in her foot. She phoned in advance of travel and requested wheelchair assistance.
She said it worked brilliantly at Newcastle and again in Heathrow. We stayed with my sister until someone came to take her to the departure lounge just in case they forgot about her but it is very organised. She rather enjoyed the preferential treatment.

Newquay Mon 20-Sep-21 08:49:51

We went to Florence from Luton while DH was awaiting hernia surgery-yes I know but with helpful friends and it worked very well.
He walked with stick to assistance desk, someone turned up with a wheelchair; the 3 of us went with him via “back doors” onto plane first; last off. He could use the plane steps. It was brilliant!

NotSpaghetti Mon 20-Sep-21 09:24:39

Yes. Definitely book!

Devorgilla Mon 20-Sep-21 10:52:04

Thank you all so much for your help and advice. It is the buggy he will need as he can manage short distances. I assume it takes you down to your gate for boarding.
NotTooOld, I note your warning and will try to blag a lift as well.
Welbeck, for your peace of mind, it was the glorified 'golf' buggy I meant not the actual loading luggage cart.