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Visit a covid family's just a rant.

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Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 22:03:59

So, I share with my ex ( at present until I find somewhere ). He's not a bad person, we are just on different paths.
So he's of to Kent tomorrow to stay with his son in law and granddaughter as his daughter is in hospital pregnant with covid.
I get it to a point, as when my family had covid, I had the one member of their family who didn't have covid.
It's just he's staying there and of course he's worried I get that I really do. But I'm worried he'll bring it back .. then I feel guilty for worrying he'll bring it back as he must be so worried for his family .
I say pack some of our lateral flow test and immediately feel bad for even suggesting it but I've lymphadema and osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis .
Am I being selfish

JaneJudge Thu 23-Sep-21 22:07:23

I have to to test several times a week, sometimes every day smile it's not weird to ask or do that. I request them on the NHS website as I have to see someone in a care home etc x

Hetty58 Thu 23-Sep-21 22:15:40

Neen, he really shouldn't go until they've been tested - or come back until he knows he hasn't got it. I'm assuming she's not allowed visitors.

Is his help really needed? Does son-in-law find it difficult to look after the one granddaughter?

Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 22:17:49

Son in law copes fine. Very capable and more hands on than mum actually . He's just panicking ( ex not the son in law ) .

VioletSky Thu 23-Sep-21 22:24:33

My daughters have covid, one is autistic and we haven't been able to stay away from either. We have done lft tests every day and a pcr test and we haven't caught it. They are almost out of their isolation period and We are very hopeful we won't get it as we have already passed the average time to show symptoms.

I am hopeful the vaccines have worked to protect us but there is one other factor here, neither of them got the cough which was happening on the bus when they likely picked it up. The 2 unvaccinated people in our home are also negative still.

There is nothing wrong with asking him to do lft tests at all, if he is going to a household where covid is present he is expected to do a pcr too 3 to 5 days after exposure. Test and trace would ask him to.

So ask him to do a lft before he comes home, ask him to do 1 every day for a week, you can grab plenty from the pharmacy.

If he develops a cough or other symptoms, isolate from each other as best you can.

He should not visit covid positive people but it doesn't sound like you can stop him.

Hetty58 Thu 23-Sep-21 22:24:43

Neen, in that case, I can't see why he needs to go - as I'm sure he won't be allowed to visit.

Neen Thu 23-Sep-21 22:31:31

He certainly won't be allowed to visit. He just wants to be there . As I say, I admittedly had my grandchild while their family were covid positive. It's just I feel he's travelling across two county's and for what, to drive wee one to school when son in law can do it and daughter and / or son in law can update by phone. My family are near by and I know it's a bit of what's good for the goose.. it's just, well, it's just .. I know what I mean but hard to put into words .

FarNorth Thu 23-Sep-21 23:18:19

How long will he stay?
As well as testing, ask him to wait till they are all clear of covid before coming back.

Will he actually be helpful to SiL? I hope so.