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Secondwind Sat 16-Oct-21 14:50:54

I’m fortunate in that I live within walking distance of food shops. I use a fairly basic pull along trolley to cart things back at the moment, but it’s not really big enough. I’ve had enough of pulling it and trying to balance bags on it as well!
Does anyone have experience of a Sholley Little Donkee, please? How do they compare in size to the standard Sholleys and are they easy to fold to put in a supermarket trolley?
Thank you very much.

lindiann Sat 16-Oct-21 15:13:31

I will be interested in the answers to this as I struggled home with my shopping the other day and was thinking of getting one.

nexus63 Sat 16-Oct-21 15:32:51

i was on the sholley website and could not find the little donkee one you mentioned, they are just basically the square type trolly that you push rather than pull, they have a few extra features like lock wheels adjusable handle etc , you can get some more in them depending on what you are buying, the problem i had with mine was i kept tripping over the bar at the front. go to the sholley website and request a brochure, for me the price is too high, they start at £125 up to £155 ... i found the donkee at the end of this. have a look at the website for other ones.

Secondwind Sat 16-Oct-21 16:40:54

Thank you, nexus63
I had the Sholley catalogue earlier in the year and, I agree, the prices have rocketed! I’m sorry that you had problems with the bar on your Sholley. I don’t have mobility problems, fortunately and want one purely for shifting shopping. Although the catalogue and website are clear, I thought it might be helpful to hear from a real live user!

Secondwind Sat 16-Oct-21 16:43:10

When I’ve got something, I’ll be in touch smile

Chestnut Sat 16-Oct-21 17:10:52

I bought a Hoppa trolley about 8 years ago and it's still going strong. Costs less than £25.00 and is like a tardis, holds loads of shopping!

Trisha57 Sat 16-Oct-21 18:10:55

My single thirty-something daughter used to laugh at my shopping trolley and said it was for "old ladies". I bought it for the odd occasion I'd walk to our local shops rather than drive to the supermarket. When she moved from London nearer to us, she asked to borrow it on one occasion to get some shopping (she does not drive). Funny...........I've never got it back!!!!

grannyactivist Sat 16-Oct-21 18:14:52

My daughter bought a shopping trolley when she was only 27 and used it to ferry her shopping from the car to the house whilst carrying her baby. She now lives in a house with a big drive where she can park in front of her door so doesn’t need it any more, but she was very fond of it.

ayse Sat 16-Oct-21 18:24:19

My oldest daughter bought one not so long ago. I’m thinking of replacing my old one. It makes walking to go shopping much easier, I get some exercise and leave the car at home. Our indoor market has a great choice and they last ages. I wouldn’t spend loads on a trolley even if money was no object.

User7777 Sat 16-Oct-21 18:28:25

I have used Shollys for years. 4 wheeled and strong. No lifting. Sholley has seats built in now. If I ever bought another one, I would buy the ones that are waterproof. Like heavy duty PVC fabric. I have never regretted buying a Sholley

Secondwind Sat 16-Oct-21 18:52:26

I wouldn’t have been seen dead with one when I was younger. My daughter feels the same at the moment!
Thank you all very much for your responses. Much appreciated.

glammanana Sat 16-Oct-21 19:17:46

I just love my shopping trolley it was not too expensive and I use it when I go to the farmers market locally,my DD bought it for me 4 /5 yrs ago and I would be lost without it,it's bright pink with black spots very bright and trendy,lots of young mums use them where I live.

Granmarderby10 Sat 16-Oct-21 21:28:22

Yes women of the world; why struggle with shopping bags and come home with numb fingers and arms like Stretch Armstrong because of vanity😄

Grammaretto Sun 17-Oct-21 08:52:34

I'm with glammanana! I use one I bought at John Lewis years ago. I started to take my yoga stuff to class so I didn't need my car. I live near the shops but the trolley is useful for heavy bottles (milk!).
More people should have them. I bought DMiL a very lightweight one from Ikea which wasn't too old lady -ish.

As for the large, expensive but easy to push Sholleys. Maybe get one 2nd hand?

I think this subject may be a last preserve of a sexist society. Do you ever see men pushing shopping trollies?

JackyB Sun 17-Oct-21 09:53:49

My DiL uses one of these. She can put the toddler in as well as the shopping. Also useful for walks and picnics. If the little one gets tired on a trike or scooter, it all goes in the trolley.

Shropshirelass Sun 17-Oct-21 10:01:17

Heavy bags cause shoulder and back problems for all ages, I think shopping trolleys are a great idea. I must remember to take mine with me next time, brush off the cobwebs first! My shopping is always heavier than I think, I like to shop in my local town to support local shops and forget how heavy it is to carry back to the car. I live in a rural area and have to drive into town, not fond of on line shopping, I like to choose my own things.

Granmarderby10 Sun 17-Oct-21 12:33:24

Me too Shropshirelass

Beechnut Sun 17-Oct-21 16:44:34

I thought about buying one at the beginning of first lockdown and finally got around to buying one a few days ago. It’s a push one, I thought a pull one would be more uncomfortable to use.

Grayling Sun 17-Oct-21 16:58:59

When we lived in a fairly hilly town in Spain I always used a trolley - daughter used to say she would disown me if I used one back home!! Supermarkets over there had an area with lockers and loose chain locks where you left your own trolley and took the supermarket one to shop and on completion of shop you packed your shopping away from the counter into your own trolley. This meant you got through the till area much quicker and then could pack your own trolley with nobody moaning and breathing down your neck!!!!

Secondwind Tue 19-Oct-21 11:56:02

There are some really interesting points on here, thank you all.
The lockers are an excellent idea,*Grayling*!

M0nica Tue 19-Oct-21 12:12:34

DD had one when she was at university! She lived near Lewisham market and used to take her trolley there late on Saturday afternoon and buy uilk sacks of onions and potatoes and other fruit and vegetables drastically reduced for quick sale and used the trolley to get them back to her flat.

I have recently started to buy fruit and veg at a local market and I am looking for a small basic one with a jazzy cover to get fruit and veg from market to car. I carry it at the moment, but it is hard work. I have been looking at ebay and the jolly ones advertised for use at festivals and quite fancy some of those with a pattern of owls all over.

I appreciate that what the Op is looking for is something much sterdier.

Secondwind Sat 23-Oct-21 04:40:18

I have an owl one, M0nica!

silverlining48 Sat 23-Oct-21 09:17:10

First married, no car so I used a trolley shopping for years. It was only slightly embarrassing given I was only in my 20 s, but very practical.

Wheniwasyourage Sat 23-Oct-21 11:39:20

I used a shopping trolley for years after the youngest DC could no longer be taken shopping in a buggy. Then after having an episode of back pain I started to use a backpack for shopping and still do. It's much better balanced than carrying bags, and the weight feels much less when it's on your back than when it's stretching your arms.

However, I would be happy to go back to a trolley if necessary, provided I could find a nice cheerful one. After all, if anyone is going to laugh at you for pulling a trolley, it might as well be one that will catch their attention and give them a real laugh.