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How much do you pay for virus protection?

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Charleygirl5 Sun 31-Oct-21 10:39:43

I was being charged £118.80 for next year. I declined so immediately I was offered £58 to pay. I also thought that was OTT and made me livid because I could have been offered that to begin with.

I only need to cover my desktop and phone.

Jackiest Sun 31-Oct-21 11:02:23

On Windows 10 I just use the free Windows Defender. I do very little on the phone so don't bother. The best protection that you can have is being careful what you click on.

Elizabeth27 Sun 31-Oct-21 11:09:18

I use an IPad so don’t need virus protection for apps and Defender for when when I use Windows. I have never paid for virus protection .

shysal Sun 31-Oct-21 11:14:02

I thought this was going to be about somebody paying for vaccinations! grin

TillyTrotter Sun 31-Oct-21 11:27:42

McAfee £29.99 for first year for 1 device (more if more devices in house) , then it automatically increased to £59.99.
But then swap to another provider and look for their best offer I’m thinking?

Iam64 Sun 31-Oct-21 11:29:32

I’m an Apple iPad user, Apple advises against buying virus clearance, they clean their products. By magic I suspect

BlueBelle Sun 31-Oct-21 11:31:28

I thought you meant covid

Pittcity Sun 31-Oct-21 11:34:57

There are plenty of free apps. Windows 10 built in Defender is one of the best.
Phones and tablets usually have built in protection.

I asked DS and he compared it to buying the extended warranty on electrical goods, peace of mind but not always necessary. If you've got an expensive computer and content that could be a problem if lost then yes.
But for the average domestic user, if you've got important stuff backed up, you could buy a new device for the amount you've shelled out on virus protection if the worst comes to the worst.

Hetty58 Sun 31-Oct-21 11:35:38

So did I! I don't need additional protection - Windows 10 seems secure enough.

Jaxjacky Sun 31-Oct-21 11:40:16

iPad and iPhone here, so not required. But that is highly annoying Charleygirl5 and happens on other insurances if they’re challenged.

tanith Sun 31-Oct-21 12:34:46

I’ve never paid for separate cover, my iPad and phone don’t need or recommend it and my laptop has windows 10 never had a problem with any of them.

Charleygirl5 Sun 31-Oct-21 12:41:33

Thank you, it is a new computer with Windows 10 so I will investigate Defender.

Charleygirl5 Sun 31-Oct-21 13:45:48

I meant to mention it was TOTAL AV that was attempting to empty my bank account. They will have to look further afield.

Maggiemaybe Sun 31-Oct-21 14:04:19

£40 odd annually for Norton for my desktop. Probably not strictly necessary, but I feel better for it. smile

Blondiescot Sun 31-Oct-21 14:05:54

There's no need to pay for it - there are many excellent free virus protections out there. Avast is very good.

Tizliz Sun 31-Oct-21 14:07:14

Be careful there are lots of Norton scams going round, easy to click on if you are due to renew, but most have terrible spelling mistakes

Maggiemaybe Sun 31-Oct-21 14:09:03

That’s the sort of thing my Norton anti-virus would alert me to, Tizliz.

timetogo2016 Sun 31-Oct-21 14:10:54

McAfee,£39-99 per year,hasn`t gone up in 3 years.

Oldwoman70 Sun 31-Oct-21 14:14:07

I have Windows Defender and when accessing my bank account also run Malwarebytes (the free version).

Oldwoman70 Sun 31-Oct-21 14:15:24

Meant to add the free Malwarebytes programme was recommended by my local IT expert.

lemsip Sun 31-Oct-21 14:31:48

I have one of the many Free virus protection. no need to pay huge sums.

Zoejory Sun 31-Oct-21 14:33:09


I thought you meant covid

Me too! Glad I wasn't the only one.

Chestnut Sun 31-Oct-21 14:37:31

I have a desktop and paid McAfee £94.99 for two years, but when it came up to renew it had gone up to £179.99 for two must be joking. The website said £54.99 for two years so I took that. Insurance renewals are always ridiculous, you have to challenge them. So basically I'm paying £27.50 for the year, well worth it because they offer some extra types of protection.

Charleygirl5 Sun 31-Oct-21 15:51:27

I have tried to download the free version of Malwarebytes but it is free only I think for a month.

Jane71 Sun 31-Oct-21 19:09:51

Another one here who uses Norton on our desktop. Not cheap, but never had any problems.