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H1954 Tue 14-Dec-21 12:08:24

Whenever I buy greeting cards I always look in the back for the size. As we buy a months worth at a time we can have quite a list when we go to the card shop. I will go and select for my family and OH will select for his. We then meet up in the queue only to find that he has chosen totally impractical cards with embellishments on or they're oversized and cost more that the price of the card to post. The oversized ones aren't a problem if we can hand them over personally but we have a number of friends and relatives living overseas and postage is eyewatering. Does this only happen to me?

EnaSharples Tue 14-Dec-21 12:26:29

I'm not sending cards, I will wish everyone a happy Christmas on facebook and give the money to research in rheumatoid arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation or The Arthritis National Research Foundation.

sodapop Tue 14-Dec-21 12:33:28

My husband rarely buys cards, if it was down to him no family members would get one. At least your husband is helping you H1954 Maybe you could buy the cards and leave the writing and posting of them to him.

Chestnut Tue 14-Dec-21 12:41:58

Whether birthday or Christmas, why not send e-cards to those overseas. I'm sure they will understand. I'm finding more and more people are sending e-cards and younger ones don't really subscribe to cards any more, although they send them to me as they probably consider me an old lady and are just being polite. I certainly wouldn't bother sending any overseas at all.

Grandmabatty Tue 14-Dec-21 12:55:11

I was caught out by this just yesterday. My son's card was a big one and I spent a fortune on stamps for it.

BlueBelle Tue 14-Dec-21 13:44:01

I love cards I make all my own to send out but I m getting less and less which for me is a big shame I miss them