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What books do modern seven-year-olds enjoy?

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teabagwoman Wed 15-Dec-21 08:15:45

My dgd was disappointed, on a recent visit, to find that she had read all the books I have for her, so I need to re-stock, but what do modern children like? My instinct was to get the classics, that I and my daughter enjoyed, but will she relate to them? I’m thinking of Black Beauty, What Katy Did, the Narnia books etc. She’s worked her way through Roald Dhal, Enid Blyton and the early Harry Potter books as well as Walliams. She has a reading age of 11 and but, of course, her emotional age is rather younger. Any advice will be gratefully received, I’m a late grandma so my friend’s gc are all grown up.

Sarnia Wed 15-Dec-21 08:43:40

As she is a good reader I would recommend Jeff Kinney and his extensive range of Diary of a Wimpey Kid books. I have a 9 year old grand-daughter who absolutely loves these. Also have a look at Tom Fletcher too. His books are hugely popular.

Grannynannywanny Wed 15-Dec-21 08:45:27

When my granddaughter was around 9 she loved Julian Clary’s books about the Bolds..a family of hyenas posing as humans and living in a suburban house! I hadn’t realised he was an author and read a review of his first book and ordered it. My granddaughter loved it and laughed out loud reading it. She enjoyed it so much we preordered the 2nd book before the release date and it didn’t disappoint.

I think he has 4 or 5 books now about the Bolds.

Grannynannywanny Wed 15-Dec-21 08:50:09

Another vote for the Diary of a Wimpy kid range as suggested by Sarnia, My younger granddaughter age 8 has been engrossed in a boxed set of them recently.

Jaxjacky Wed 15-Dec-21 08:59:13

Our GD devoured Jacqueline Wilson books, they vary for different ages.

Josianne Wed 15-Dec-21 08:59:39

Suggestions I rely on

Shelbel Wed 15-Dec-21 09:26:21

The Moomin books by Tove Jansson

Flat Stanley - Jeff Brown

Bad Nanna - Sophie Henn

Greyfriars Bobby - Eleanor Atkinson

The wind in the willows.

baubles Wed 15-Dec-21 09:57:32

My eight year old GC loved these.

Litterpicker Wed 15-Dec-21 10:40:26

Have a look at
Booktrust is a leading uk charity promoting books and reading for enjoyment for all ages. They produce the gift packs given to babies and toddlers.
Some children enjoy the older classics like Black Beauty but many find them hard going. Maybe you could ‘sprinkle’ your favourites among some newer ones and talk to your dgd about what you, and her mum, loved about them? She is so lucky to have a book-loving gran to share the love of reading with her 🙂

Spice101 Wed 15-Dec-21 11:10:48

My 7 year old grandson loves the Dave Pilkey books The Dog Man and Captain Underpants. Also Ahn Do WeirDo series.

Greenfinch Wed 15-Dec-21 11:35:23

Another vote for Jacqueline Wilson especially if she has an advanced reading age. I gave a box set of them to my 8 year old granddaughter for her birthday. For Christmas I have bought her Anne of Green Gables.

Forsythia Wed 15-Dec-21 11:44:29

That book list is a good starting point, posted above. As an ex teacher of Years 4-6, I’d recommend any on that list.

teabagwoman Wed 15-Dec-21 12:33:42

Thank you so much for your help. Plenty for me to look at and maybe enjoy reading with her. I knew she was a chip off the old block when she drew her perfect house with several bathrooms but a note saying there couldn't be any showers. Why not? 'Nana, you can't read a book in the shower'!!

Hithere Wed 15-Dec-21 12:52:59

It depends on her tastes.

What genre does she like?

M0nica Wed 15-Dec-21 14:16:41

Why is everyone recommending fiction? There are so many books around on every possible subjecct that might tickle her curiosity.

At that age I much preferred books about something, anything to story books.

EthelJ Wed 15-Dec-21 14:46:23

M grandson who is 8 loves Abi Elphinstone. She writes adventure/ magical / fantasy type stories. Like the Narnia stories. He has devoured every one of her books he has been able to get his hands on.

Forsythia Wed 15-Dec-21 15:01:48

My daughters, both of whom loved animals, read many books on horses and how to look after them. If she has an animal, or would like one, perhaps a few non fiction books might be of interest.

Grandmagrim Wed 15-Dec-21 15:04:23

Two of my dgd loved Isadora Moon books.

J52 Wed 15-Dec-21 15:07:15

I’ve bought my 7 yr old GD, an excellent reader, a box set of Narnia books for Christmas.

teabagwoman Wed 15-Dec-21 20:55:11

I’ve made a note of everyone’s suggestions, which should keep me going for a while. MOnica makes a good point but I have quite a selection of non-fiction. I think it’s the sense of being able to enter another world that she loves.

grannydarkhair Wed 15-Dec-21 23:28:24

The Borrowers series, Goodnight Mr Tom, Ballet Shoes, Heidi, The Hobbit.

rowyn Thu 16-Dec-21 11:19:49

Lots of good ideas there, both classic and modern.
Can I also recommend the website It recommends books for all the age groups, and reviews new publications.
I've found it very useful when trying to find books for my 2 grandsons who are both voracious readers. You can sign up to their emails too, if you wish.

rowyn Thu 16-Dec-21 11:20:50

PS Just noticed MOnica's post. Love reading 4 kids covers non fiction too.

25Avalon Thu 16-Dec-21 11:26:49

How about Michael Morpurgo? His books are always very thoughtful.

annifrance Thu 16-Dec-21 11:36:47

Winnie the witch and the Worst Witch were popular among others already mentioned.