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Juicylucy Tue 28-Dec-21 14:05:04

I receive my gransnet email with the days stories on around 10am every morning. But it’s always stories that have been posted the previous day so by the time I’ve received opened and read them it’s usually at least 12-18 hours after the poster posted the story. Is this the same for everyone else or do you receive yours in real time?

kittylester Tue 28-Dec-21 15:02:36

I never wait until my email comes - in fact I rarely open it.

MayBeMaw Tue 28-Dec-21 15:08:39

I don’t bother either
Straight to Active conversations, Good Morning followed by whatever catches my eye!

Aldom Tue 28-Dec-21 15:11:46

Never had an email from Gransnet. It's there in Google Chrome. I click to open and go to ACTIVE. All the posts are in 'real time'.

Blossoming Tue 28-Dec-21 15:25:22

Mine comes around the same time JuicyLucy but I don’t really bother clicking on the thread links. I use the ‘Last Hour’ button and the first thread I go to is the ‘Good Morning’ thread. I do read the other links in the email, such as what people have been buying.

BlueBelle Tue 28-Dec-21 16:58:11

Don’t bother with it never read it ….just open GN and go straight to last day ladt hour or active as soon as my eyes open
I can’t actually see the point in the email to be honest

MerylStreep Tue 28-Dec-21 17:07:32

Why wait for an email? GN technology is so bad it’s more probable that you’ll miss something interesting.

NannyJan53 Tue 28-Dec-21 17:13:25

As everyone says, I don't wait for the email but go straight to GN website and look at Forums, and any thread that may interest me.

Beechnut Tue 28-Dec-21 18:08:54

As everyone is saying for me too. I don’t receive an email.

Marydoll Tue 28-Dec-21 18:29:07

I don't bother either, no need. I look at Last Hour or I'm on.
I don't understand why people wait for an email, instead of just going onto the site. I'm permanently logged on, on all my devices.

muse Tue 28-Dec-21 19:19:57

I unsubscribed from getting them after the first few months of signing up to GN.

Juicylucy Sun 02-Jan-22 11:10:12

Thank you for your replies, again I’ve only just seen these. I’m going to check out what you’ve all suggested as I didn’t realise there was another way to get the stories. Happy new year.

Kim19 Sun 02-Jan-22 11:15:05

Happy New Year to you too JL.

JackyB Sun 02-Jan-22 12:50:16

I really ought to unsubscribe as I delete it without reading it anyway.

The threads linked to in it are, as everyone has said, usually a few days old, and when I do look, the rest is competitions which , as an expat, I am not eligible to enter, or articles which I never look at.

Like most, I only come for the conversation. GNHQ don't seem to realise this. I think the whole staff just beaver away at the articles and contributions featured on the front page and consider the community forums as an annoying sideline.

Did anyone see "What has Gransnet been discussing this year"? It was not, as you might expect, a collection of the longest and most active and interesting conversations held from January to December, but a link to the latest active conversations, some of which were definitely not the most interesting topics of the year.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 02-Jan-22 13:30:50

My e-mail from gransnet never comes before 12 noon, continental time (GMT+1 hour).

I don't know why as all other e-mails from abroad arrive a few seconds after being sent.

I just assumed that the moderators or whoever it is that sends the gransnet e-mails are voluntary staff and not morning people.

As I have no idea how to access the forum unless by clicking on an e- mail from gransnet, I just wait for it to turn up.

I rarely bothers me that some threads are long ones before I see them, but I am annoyed by the recent habit of only posting three threads at the weekends and on public holidays.

Marydoll Sun 02-Jan-22 14:14:14

grandtanteJE65, just Google Gransnet and log in. If you have forgotten your password, it is easy to reset it.

BlueBelle Sun 02-Jan-22 14:28:28

Just stay signed in Grandtante then as soon as you click Gransnet icon it comes up with your newsfeed and then choose what you want to look at

BlueBelle Sun 02-Jan-22 14:29:28

What do you mean about only posting three threads at weekends all the normal threads are there dozens of them whatever day of the week

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 03-Jan-22 12:36:10

What email is this? I’ve never had one.

Marydoll Mon 03-Jan-22 15:05:36


What email is this? I’ve never had one.

DiscoDancer, there is a daily email, you can subscribe to.

Just scroll to the bottom of the page.

DiscoDancer1975 Mon 03-Jan-22 15:41:22

Thank you Marydoll