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Virgin Media increase

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Devorgilla Wed 26-Jan-22 19:30:25

A poster put on a way to stop this but I can't remember which thread. You had to phone them and go through certain parts of menu. Anyone able to help? Thanks.

Grannynannywanny Wed 26-Jan-22 19:48:36

Devorgilla this is what I did with success. Dial 150 from your Virgin landline. Ignore suggestion to deal with problems online. Select the “thinking of leaving” option. Tell the call handler you are unhappy with the cost of your current package and now the proposed increase and ask them for a reduction. I quoted a £29.99 deal they were advertising for new customers and said it was unfair that loyal customers were being charged higher prices for the same package. Instead of increasing my £36.99 package by £4.50 they reduced it by £9 for next 18 months.

Without even speaking to someone I believe there is an automated option to select which gives you £4.50 credit for 6 months effectively cancelling the increase for that period. But I would recommend speaking to them. The proposed increase allows customers to cancel without penalty. So, there are deals available if you get through to the retentions/cancellations team. They have the authority to renew contracts with a generous discount. Good luck!

Devorgilla Wed 26-Jan-22 21:05:55

Thank you. I will definitely give it a go.

Chewbacca Wed 26-Jan-22 21:15:11

Devorgilla Yesterday I dialled 150, option 1, option 1, option 4. Immediately went to a recorded message saying "Good news! We can offer you a £3.50 reduction on your monthly payments. Press 1 if you would like to accept this." Within 24 hours I received an email confirming my payments had been reduced and the date it will start from.

Granniesunite Wed 26-Jan-22 21:27:52

My first task tomorrrow. Many thanks .💐

Aldom Sun 30-Jan-22 09:50:33

Morning all. Thank you Jax, very helpful.
I see you say you've weeded your drive. I'm feeling good because during the mild spell in the middle of last week I swept and washed my patio. The birds had created such a mess. I've now moved their ground feeder tray as far away from the patio as possible. I'm meeting my daughter for coffee and cake early this afternoon, then staying overnight with the family as my daughter is taking me to an appointment on Monday morning. Hope everyone has some sunshine today. It's lovely here in my bit of Oxfordshire. smile

Aldom Sun 30-Jan-22 10:02:33

Sorry folks, the above message was intended for Soop's Kitchen. But having bumped up the Virgin Media information it may be of use to others. smile