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A Millionaire

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Maywalk Tue 08-Feb-22 20:26:04

Foxglove's thread reminded me of this that I wrote some years ago. A true tale put into verse.
I wrote this poem after witnessing this in a small inn that hubby and I had stopped at when on our way to a Classic Car rally about 40 years ago.
I was SO impressed with the quiet dignity of the elderly gentleman I could not
get it out of my mind hence the poem.
I wrote the poem in 2004 but it had happened way back in 1980s when we still had our Ford Classic but it had stuck in my mind and I always said I would write it down some day.


As I listened to a loud conversation taking place in country inn
Between four young men discussing a great big lottery win
One said he would go round the world on a wonderful cruise
Another mentioned pretty girls and drinking lots of booze.

The third said the wonders of the world he would go to see
The fourth one said I will help no one I will spend it all on me.
An elderly man sat nearby quietly drinking as one loudly said
"What would you do Granddad? Have hair put on your head?"

A hush fell over the customers as the sarcasm the old man defied
When the old chap looked straight at them and very quietly replied
"I have all my wealth and happiness when I wake up each day
As I hear the birds all singing and can see the children play

I have travelled on life's ocean and at times it's been quite rough
But I had a good woman by my side and to me that was enough.
The wonders of my world are my sons and my lovely daughter too
And finding each day can show me something fresh and new

No amount of money on this earth can buy me my good health
I have never craved for material things and never wanted wealth,
I went through a war where lads like you were daily slaughtered
A bloody war to bring peace but I'm afraid nothing has altered.

So you see I AM a millionaire I dont need money to spend
And when your broke just think of me as through life you wend.
Think of the old man that you derided about his thinning hair
And I just hope that you too have found someone to really care."

A silence had fallen over everyone as the old man had his say
When one of the lads said "Drink up old timer this time I will pay "
The quiet dignity of the old man had overcome their hurtful jeers
And a bottle of whiskey was handed to him as they all said 'Cheers'

"Thanks for opening our eyes to all we thought money could buy
If we were to spend the lot today we would all finish up saying WHY,
Asking Why! did we not give a portion to those desperately in need
For a children's hospital, and the aged, could we not do a good deed?

Old man you have taught us compassion, respect and much humility
And your strength of character seems to have been your inner key,
We will discuss this win of ours to see what would be the best way
To share our win with others and it will help to make their day.

We realise and thank you for the sense you have made us see
That no amount of money can buy happiness or the love of a family.
We drink to your health and we will remember when we all grow old
Of the tale of a millionaire whose faith in his family was his pot of gold."

Written by Maisie Walker in 2004.

Allsorts Tue 08-Feb-22 20:37:51

How true. That last verse says it all.

Serendipity22 Tue 08-Feb-22 21:41:28

Flippin heck !! Ive tears in my eyes reading that...

Its so brilliant and soooo true.


Shinamae Tue 08-Feb-22 21:47:33

It’s definitely brought tears to my eyes…..😢..Thank you….💐💐

Maywalk Wed 09-Feb-22 12:41:38

Many thanks ladies.

It was read out over the radio some years ago and I had many folks come back to me about it.

I can only write which about things that are true which includes all the animal tales told me over the years.
I am no good at fiction.

MerylStreep Wed 09-Feb-22 12:49:49

Once again, May thank you so much for your lovely words. 👏👏👏

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 09-Feb-22 12:55:32

Didn’t you put this up before? Made me cry then too. How very true though.

Pepper59 Wed 09-Feb-22 14:40:24

I don't know who Maisie is, but the poem is lovely. Thank you for sharing.

DiscoDancer1975 Wed 09-Feb-22 16:30:17

Maisie is the poster Pepper59....I think🤔

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 09-Feb-22 16:35:00

Thank you. Lovely words.💐

sodapop Wed 09-Feb-22 17:01:17

Lovely poem, brought tears to my eyes too.
Thank you Maywalk

Maywalk Wed 09-Feb-22 21:17:00

I could well have put it up at sometime Disco Dancer its just that Foxglove's thread reminded me of it. I think I am getting old. Apologies for repeating it.

Thanks for getting back to me everyone.

Grannmarie Wed 09-Feb-22 21:30:33

Just lovely, Maywalk, thank you.
A local saying here is, " Your health is your wealth," wise words indeed.

maddyone Wed 09-Feb-22 23:05:56

I love it ❤️❤️❤️

Callistemon21 Wed 09-Feb-22 23:38:47

Thank you Maywalk

I think we all do wonder what we'd do if we won a lot of money but this poem is a reminder of what truly matters in life.

DiscoDancer1975 Thu 10-Feb-22 07:39:19


I could well have put it up at sometime Disco Dancer its just that Foxglove's thread reminded me of it. I think I am getting old. Apologies for repeating it.

Thanks for getting back to me everyone.

No problem at lovely 😊

nadateturbe Thu 10-Feb-22 08:00:34

Lovely Maywalk. Thank you.

Elless Thu 10-Feb-22 10:20:24

I am lost for words, that is just beautiful.

Catterygirl Fri 11-Feb-22 16:55:18

It made me cry.