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Who/what does a poo like this?

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kittylester Tue 16-Aug-22 14:18:57

Just found this on our patio it's about 8 cms x 5 cms and green and white.

Granddaughters think it's a golden eagle. grin

dustyangel Wed 24-Aug-22 22:55:34

Please, no more tonight. I’m trying very hard not to laugh out loud and wake DH up. grin

Callistemon21 Wed 24-Aug-22 22:39:29

Seagulls tend to do a large SPLAT

Unless it's a constipated seagull - does it squawk very loudly kittylester?

Joseanne Wed 24-Aug-22 15:32:31

I think we need this game to learn more. The DGC would enjoy it.

Kalu Wed 24-Aug-22 15:29:42

Sorry you are having such a shitty time of it kitty. If the myth is true though, you are assured much luck ahead. ?

sharon103 Wed 24-Aug-22 14:55:00

I don't know how to do links but if you type
in Google, scroll down slightly to Good Morning Gloucester
click on and see the image.
It looks like seagull poop to me.
What do you think?

Blossoming Wed 24-Aug-22 14:02:29

He’s a wild gnome ‘KittyLester* grin

kittylester Wed 24-Aug-22 12:29:45

It really is bigger that wood pigeon poo.

Blossoming if that's your gnome, either you or he need to come and pick them up. grin

Caleo Wed 24-Aug-22 12:07:10

Woodpigeons in my garden think they are domesticated birds. I would not mind if only they pooed somewhere else than the garden.

dragonfly46 Wed 24-Aug-22 12:01:45


Blossoming Wed 24-Aug-22 11:56:23

Caught in the act!

MissAdventure Wed 24-Aug-22 11:14:36


dragonfly46 Wed 24-Aug-22 11:13:18

Definitely the gnomes kitty!

Nannytopsy Wed 24-Aug-22 11:09:24

Wood pigeon is my vote. Lots like it on our steps, hand rail etc

kittylester Wed 24-Aug-22 11:05:44

Just an update on our poo situation.

DH has been picking them up fairly regularly but this morning there are 4. Baffling!

Honestly, our garden isn't big enough for a goose to land poo and take off again.

My money is on gnomes now.

PollyDolly Wed 17-Aug-22 07:18:00

My money is on it being goose poo.

J52 Wed 17-Aug-22 07:10:32

Poo for the smell? Poop for the noise? ??
Sorry if it’s a bit early for humour!

kittylester Wed 17-Aug-22 06:24:01

Baggytrazzas, I know - it was a joke (very feeble one obvs!)

J52, I found that picture too - that is the best match I could find.

calistemon, our very small garden already has a hedgehogs, squirrels, a kestrel, a visiting fox and a pooing goose - not sure we can cope with a bear too.

And, why is it called poop?

Baggytrazzas Tue 16-Aug-22 23:16:30

I'd say goose or duck.

Baggytrazzas Tue 16-Aug-22 23:11:48



Just found this on our patio it's about 8 cms x 5 cms and green and white.

Granddaughters think it's a golden eagle. grin

kittlester , did you think this might have been produced by a person?

its just that your title asks " who" as well as "what"

Blossoming Tue 16-Aug-22 23:07:47

Callistemon21 it’s a well known fact that bears poop in the woods, not on the patio grin

Callistemon21 Tue 16-Aug-22 22:51:33

We're going on a bear poo hunt
We're going to find a big one
We're not scared

J52 Tue 16-Aug-22 22:47:34

Been on a poo hunt ?

Callistemon21 Tue 16-Aug-22 22:15:14

Well, kittylester! I have spent a riveting time looking at pictures of various types of bird poo - it's quite educational ????????? ?

I remember seeing lawns covered in poo of Canada geese as they resided on a lake near where my DB and SIL lived - rather green and perhaps not so well-formed as the one in your picture. But perhaps that's due to diet.

Could it be a pheasant?

Blossoming Tue 16-Aug-22 21:26:37



It wouldn’t have to land on your patio to drop poop on it.

It is very well formed - not dropped while flying past.

The mystery deepens!! Shame there isn’t a cctv on the patio. Do let us know if you find out.

MissAdventure Tue 16-Aug-22 20:55:35

Foxes do ones that are pointy at one end, with fur and bones in, apparently.