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Cleaning tv screen

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Cnash Thu 07-Sep-23 13:21:13

After an extended visit from daughter and grandkids just moving back from Australia ( result!) I have a flatscreen tv screen covered with baby prints. What should I clean it with?

Aldom Thu 07-Sep-23 13:40:18

You can buy screen cleaning wipes and screen cleaning kits from Amazon /other online sources.
It's ok to wipe the screen with a damp microfiber cloth.
Sprays and cream cleaners should not be used.

Caravansera Thu 07-Sep-23 13:51:21

You should never put even the smallest pressure on a TV screen as it can damage the pixel lights behind so once cleaned, I would keep small people away. TV screens are nowhere near as robust as smart phone screens.

Theexwife Thu 07-Sep-23 14:33:46

I use a drop of washing-up liquid in water, wet a cloth with it then wring it to almost dry. Do not use glass cleaner or anything abrasive.