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Holiday without booking?

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Jodieb Tue 12-Sep-23 13:00:38

We are thinking of returning to the Yorkshire dales for a break. I have been looking at hotels and then I thought how about just going and finding rooms where we can, just like we used to before computers. Would you take that risk now you are older? Taking into account it is time consuming but we usually get lost seeking out booked hotels.

silverlining48 Tue 12-Sep-23 13:04:49

Why not, the peak season is over now, it shouldn't be too hard but pack a pillow and blanket in case you get caught out.
We used to do this travelling through Germany and france all the time.

Theexwife Tue 12-Sep-23 13:12:32

I think it is the best way to travel, there are no ties and it is often cheaper than pre-booking.