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Cake baking by Lakeland Bread Maker

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Devorgilla Tue 12-Sep-23 19:43:05

Okay, GN bakers where did I go wrong? Tried the chocolate and walnut cake as per the recipe printed in the book that came with bread maker. All went well until I extracted it from the pan. Then a substantial amount from the sides fell apart. I had left it for several minutes before extracting it. I left it to cool and then attempted the butter cream when almost all of it fell apart. Cemented it together and it tastes fine but looks a disaster. I think I'll stick to usual cake tins in future. Too ashamed to put a picture on.

NotSpaghetti Mon 25-Sep-23 11:38:50

Surely someone has the answer to this?
Sorry, I don't have a breadmaker.

Devorgilla Mon 25-Sep-23 21:02:32

Thank you for your comment NotSpaghetti. I have to confess I put this post on out of sheer frustration at my pitiful effort. I'm normally quite good at cakes. Lakeland bread maker obviously not the right vehicle for my talents. Nor would it appear anyone else's. I make great bread in it though. I shall let this thread die a natural death.