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Flu vaccine side effects

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Lostmyglassesxx Sun 17-Sep-23 09:22:32

Had it yesterday morning .. creeping side effects throughout the day and this morning I feel grim

tanith Sun 17-Sep-23 09:27:29

Sorry you feel icky I must be lucky I’ve never had any side affects from that or the COVID vaccine.

Sparklefizz Sun 17-Sep-23 10:23:36

Lostmyglassesxx Sorry you're having a bad reaction. Did you have just the flu jab on its own, or also the Covid vax?

Hope you soon feel better.

Hetty58 Sun 17-Sep-23 10:27:49

I felt rotten for a couple of days last year - but still, I'm having mine next week - as insurance against possibly ending up in hospital. The pain is worth the gain when you're elderly.

Calendargirl Sun 17-Sep-23 11:11:24

Had mine last Wednesday.

Sore arm for a day or so, but that’s all.

Freya5 Sun 17-Sep-23 11:17:18

I too had a bad reaction from this years flu vaccine. Not usually phased by it,this time headaches , shivering, rash, generally unwell for nearly 72 hours, that bad even did a covid test.

silverlining48 Sun 17-Sep-23 11:19:43

Had our flu and COVID bac yesterday. Happily no problem.
Hope you feel better today LMG

annodomini Sun 17-Sep-23 12:14:45

I've never had a reaction to a flu vaccination and only a sore arm for a few days after a covid one, I had both yesterday and was even able to sleep on the covid-jabbed arm.

nanna8 Sun 17-Sep-23 12:56:09

The flu one is usually ok for me. The Covid ones varied, some were ok others made me feel a bit ‘off’ . Not as bad as Covid,though!

Maggiemaybe Sun 17-Sep-23 13:02:04

For all the routine vaccines I’ve had I’ve only had side effects twice - fluey for a day after one Covid jab and a few days of the same with an upset stomach after a flu one. DH suffered that time as well and we had been warned by the pharmacist that they’d had a few reports of side effects. We’d poo-pooed this as we’d never had a single symptom before, but I’m sympathetic now when others say they get them.

We still have everything offered though, and I’ll be trying to book the latest boosters tomorrow.

Oldbat1 Sun 17-Sep-23 13:55:07

Had mine Thurs felt a bit shivery in the evening but it was really cold here plus a dull head. Woke up fine next morning and even my arm was ok.

welbeck Sun 17-Sep-23 15:32:23


Had mine last Wednesday.

Sore arm for a day or so, but that’s all.

same here. had it last sunday morning at GPs'.
am due for covid one at end of month.
the last covid one i had, nearly a year ago, i did have an unpleasant day after.
felt really quite unwell, in a strange,vague way.
not had any such reaction before, to any jabs.
was hoping for the moderna, to get a full set, but it wasn't that. think it was pfizer, not sure.
also the only one i had in a pharmacy, rather than in my own or a nearby GPs'.

Jaxjacky Sun 17-Sep-23 15:41:24

Does anyone know which vaccine is being used for covid this autumn, Pfizer, Moderna or another? Thank you.

Callistemon21 Sun 17-Sep-23 15:44:25

We're supposed to have flu jabs next week, but only had the last ones in January because we had Covid and then the surgery said they couldn't do them as we'd missed the slot. We had them done at the chemist's.

Is it too soon for a second flu vaccine?

silverlining48 Sun 17-Sep-23 15:51:22

I had my last covid jab in June and was called again yesterday. Fir covid and flu.
I queried this short gap and was told as long as it was 3 months it was ok.

Callistemon21 Sun 17-Sep-23 15:53:32

This is flu jabs, I wonder if it's the same.

pinkprincess Sun 17-Sep-23 22:03:43

I have never had any problem with flu vaccines.
The covid ones, never having any more. The first one gave me a really bad headache for 48 hours, next one gave me breathing trouble (I have COPD).Following booster jab I got a sore arm, but the last one, a year ago, I had an almost fatal reaction 24 hours later. I suddenly developed a very large blood clot on my right lung from which I was lucky to survive.
This clot, called a Pulmonary Embolism could very well have been a co incidence, but I am not going to risk it again, despite having COPD.

BlueBelle Sun 17-Sep-23 22:31:41

I never have had any reactions from any jabs not even a sore ar must have elephant hide

HelterSkelter1 Mon 18-Sep-23 06:09:52

I wonder if lack of reaction shows a lack of the immune system being stimulated.

Since having fairly recently chemo and immunotherapy, I have read that my immunity is probably negligible.
I have had all the covid and flu jabs and extra boosters and have had no reaction after any apart from the very first one before I started chemotherapy.
So I was quite pleased to have had a painful arm and been a bit washed out after my flu jab last week. Hopefully this time some immunity has been created.

Ailidh Mon 18-Sep-23 06:11:46

When I had the under 65 flu jab, I always felt fine. The over 65 one always makes me feel a bit grim. Better than flu, though.