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Karcher window vacuum - any good?

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Grannybags Mon 27-Nov-23 15:37:55

We converted our conservatory to a solid roof so it is now part of the lounge. It looks great but keeping the large windows clean and streak free is a nightmare.

Thinking about getting a Karcher window cleaner but wonder if they work as well as they claim?

Lilasnan Wed 29-Nov-23 11:22:58

Love mine and would never be without it. Very useful for cleaning shower screens etc.

cc Wed 29-Nov-23 11:23:07

We used to have one but it wouldn't work on our old windows with smaller panes. It sounds from what Rosie51 says that they've got an alternative smaller blade now, but I'm fine with a couple of microfibre cloths myself.
My windows are now UPVC not wood so it doesn't matter if they're not completely dry, in fact it's a good thing as it increases the humidity in our centrally heated rooms.

Silverlady333 Wed 29-Nov-23 11:24:21

I use mine in our walk in shower which is huge! I use it to dry the shower screen and the tiles.

harrysgran Wed 29-Nov-23 11:34:42

Wouldn't be without it great for keeping windows streak free and clears any condensation in seconds

knspol Wed 29-Nov-23 11:50:02

Had one for a couple of years and makes short work of windows but still haven't managed a streak free result. Always end up with lines from the edges of the blades which I have to wipe over the next day or whenever I notice them. Still would not want to be without it.

Nannashirlz Wed 29-Nov-23 12:05:22

I bought mine when they first came out about 11yrs ago and it’s still going strong. It’s great I wouldn’t be without it. I live in a bungalow but I lived in a house when I bought it.

Mt61 Wed 29-Nov-23 12:08:00

Brilliant for windows, I use to keep them dry on a cold morning, plus I use to keep the shower nice & dry 😊 also good for drying up spilled water

KathrynP Wed 29-Nov-23 12:11:38

Thanks so much for this post. I got up this morning looked at the windows and thought ‘I really need a Karcher window cleaner but not sure if they are any good” At least I get honest reviews here so thanks. Yes I think I’ll get one as I do my elderly aunts windows as well and they are enormous and south facing like mine so show every mark.

Cornishgreenhouse Wed 29-Nov-23 12:19:25

Fabulous for cleaning shower too!

Shazsport Wed 29-Nov-23 12:24:46

Can this be used on the outside windows too?

Albangirl14 Wed 29-Nov-23 12:25:20

We tried a cheaper make a Beldray one to replace our worn out Karcher but regretted it .

Jannipans Wed 29-Nov-23 12:53:20

Ours is brilliant - although I've never used it because although I am not a gadget person, my husband is. Need I say more??

Mt61 Wed 29-Nov-23 14:08:11

Finish with light spray of white vinegar & water mix, lint free cloth, windows will be sparkling ✨ also mirrors & glass table tops 😊

Bijou Wed 29-Nov-23 14:20:48

I have a window cleaner to do the outside with a new water system. My help does the inside with water, white vinegar and tiny drop of washing up liquid.

Janeea Wed 29-Nov-23 14:52:08

Wouldn’t be without it and great for cleaning shower cubicle after use as well

deedeedum Wed 29-Nov-23 15:01:42

Just bought one, brilliant. Just wish it had an extension to reach high stuff.

Callistemon21 Wed 29-Nov-23 15:03:34


Ours is brilliant - although I've never used it because although I am not a gadget person, my husband is. Need I say more??

DH made such a good job of the glass doors that I've ordered stickers for them in case anyone tries to walk through them!

Stansgran Wed 29-Nov-23 15:58:34

Love mine but wish I had the newer one with a smaller blade for some windows.

Grannybags Wed 29-Nov-23 17:06:26

Ours arrived this morning. Used it this afternoon and really pleased with results. Couldn’t believe how easy it is to use

The test will be when/if the sun comes out and shows up any streaks!

Twopence Wed 29-Nov-23 18:10:56

Wouldn't be without ours. Great for clearing condensation and drying the shower out as well as cleaning windows.

BellaBella55 Wed 29-Nov-23 18:15:10

I use mine for condensation as well as cleaning. Brilliant.

Millieangel Sat 02-Dec-23 15:00:18

Love my Karcher. Streak free windows in no time. Best gadget I've ever had.

Patsy70 Sat 02-Dec-23 15:04:01

I’m thinking of buying one, judging by the many positive comments. Would it be suitable for relatively small windows? I would get the one with the smaller blade.

Dolly53 Mon 04-Dec-23 08:54:23

After reading this I am tempted to buy one as I can never clean inside the windows properly and it would definitely help with the shower.

Grandmalils Sun 10-Dec-23 07:29:38

Hi everyone I am new to this online Gransnet forum 😄