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Karcher window vacuum - any good?

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Grannybags Mon 27-Nov-23 15:37:55

We converted our conservatory to a solid roof so it is now part of the lounge. It looks great but keeping the large windows clean and streak free is a nightmare.

Thinking about getting a Karcher window cleaner but wonder if they work as well as they claim?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 27-Nov-23 15:41:12

I have had one for several years, wouldn’t be without it.

Easy to use and once you get the hang of it streak free.

crazyH Mon 27-Nov-23 15:46:46

I had one but gave it away. I have a problem with my right shoulder. I have a wi Dow cleaner for the outside and occasionally, I ask him to do the insides as well.

Smileless2012 Mon 27-Nov-23 15:48:44

Love mine and like GG wouldn't be without it.

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Nov-23 15:50:36

There's a coincidence, I hadn't used mine for some time but found it today and started doing all the windows indoors.

Yes, I only did four rooms because I have shoulder problems too.
It is good, but I do finish off with a smooth microfibre cloth.

The conservatory might have to wait!!

Salti Mon 27-Nov-23 15:54:12

I'm not really a gadget person but mine is amazing. I used to be the worst window cleaner in the world....regardless of the method I used. Not any more.

Thisismyname1953 Mon 27-Nov-23 16:15:39

I’d definitely recommend one . My daughter had one for a few years and then it gave up the ghost. I had to order a newer model one from amazon the same day . We live in a four bedroom 1950s house with lots of very large windows which would take forever to clean without it .

Kim19 Mon 27-Nov-23 16:18:34

Yes, had mine for a good few years now and hope never to be without it.

Pammie1 Mon 27-Nov-23 16:19:02

I have one and I love it. However I recently purchased this:

And I have to say it does what it says on the tin. Sparkling, streak free windows and mirrors.

Aldom Mon 27-Nov-23 16:21:11

Great for cleaning windows and for anyone who has condensation problems.

shoppinggirl Mon 27-Nov-23 16:21:12

Brilliant little gadget. I never really got the hang of window cleaning pre-Karcher days! I do agree with Callistemon21 though, you really need to finish off with a microfibre cloth.

AreWeThereYet Mon 27-Nov-23 16:22:54

I like mine but also finish off with a glass cloth. DM uses hers to clean off condensation. DD also uses hers to clear shower screen after having a shower.

Visgir1 Mon 27-Nov-23 16:25:21

Please with mine for my Sunlounge. I have the same Large windows and soild roof.
Prior to buying it, I ofter asked my window cleaner to come in and do them, he was happy to do as I paid him.

Aveline Mon 27-Nov-23 16:33:45

Excellent for condensation. Highly recommended.

LadyGracie Mon 27-Nov-23 16:44:31

Great for clearing condensation.

Callistemon21 Mon 27-Nov-23 16:59:39


Please with mine for my Sunlounge. I have the same Large windows and soild roof.
Prior to buying it, I ofter asked my window cleaner to come in and do them, he was happy to do as I paid him.

I've never asked the window cleaner to do the inside windows because he uses a water system!

Smileless2012 Mon 27-Nov-23 17:03:41

Yes I finish off with a cloth too and found the wetter the window before using the vac, the better results.

Primrose53 Mon 27-Nov-23 17:34:14

We bought one ages ago and only used it a few times. Will dig it out and have another go.

henetha Mon 27-Nov-23 17:40:20

I've had one for a few years now and it is wonderful. Sucks up every bit of condensation. I recommend them. You soon get the hang of doing it efficiently.

Theexwife Mon 27-Nov-23 17:48:17

It is the only way I can clean windows without smears.

Ohmygoodness54 Mon 27-Nov-23 17:55:27

Definitely recommend. I could never do windows properly before used one. DIL liked mine so much when she tried it that I ended up buying her one. Great for getting spills up on kitchen floor tiles as well!

Patsy70 Mon 27-Nov-23 18:26:10

Would this be suitable for smaller windows?

Rosie51 Mon 27-Nov-23 19:07:15


Would this be suitable for smaller windows?

They are supplied with the wide blade, but I also have a smaller interchangeable blade that works well on my small windows. I've just googled and goodness they've come on a lot since I bought mine many years ago. Tempted to upgrade, but mine still works perfectly so it would be a waste.

Grannybags Mon 27-Nov-23 20:56:27

Thanks everyone, all very helpful.

I'll be ordering my new toy tomorrow!

JenJenT Wed 29-Nov-23 11:14:04

As others have said, they are excellent for cleaning condensation off windows. We have had one for years and have only had to replace the blade last year because it had worn out, which is to be expected. Otherwise, it still works fine.