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Has anyone tried a Revitive machine?

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Mrsdof Thu 02-Dec-21 11:00:24

Hi there, I get a lot of night cramps and also pain in my right hip, my right calf and my right foot. In the last 3 years I have broken a bone in my ankle and also sprained it, which is why I think I am getting a lot of pain in my foot. I am 72yrs old and I go to Pilates twice a week and Aqua classes 3 times a week and I am beginning to struggle with the aches and pains when doing these classes. However having seen the TV adverts for the Revitive machines with Ruth and Eamonn Holmes I wondered how good they really were. Has anybody got one, or used one and would you recommend getting one? Many thanks ?

tanith Thu 02-Dec-21 11:30:36

Not used one and I think like a lot of these things you may use it a few times but then it will sit unused. A waste of money if you are in so much pain maybe talk to your GP.

sodapop Thu 02-Dec-21 13:04:15

Think Ruth & Eamonn would put me off if I was considering one.

midgey Thu 02-Dec-21 13:26:02

Used one for a while, it’s one of those things like a juicer, bread maker etc. You will end up putting it in the cupboard and forgetting about it! Save your money.

Namsnanny Thu 02-Dec-21 13:32:56

I dont know the advert or the machine.
But I've just read a very good article about the research I to vibrating plates.
Good results for building stronger muscle, bone density, early onset Parkinsons, and heart.
Google the scientific research. Or see if you can access the Lancet article.
Dont take my word for it as I havent used one, but I would give it a try.

Charleygirl5 Thu 02-Dec-21 13:57:28

Please do not use one if you have had knee and/or hip replacements and I would go as far as saying not if you have any metalwork in your legs at all.

Elegran Thu 02-Dec-21 14:16:58

Ask your GP whether stronger muscle, bone density, etc would do any good in your case, or whether the pain has nothing to do with bone density and muscle strength. You may get a referral to a physiotherapist who can prescribe some exercises that are more focussed on your specific needs than the general Pilates or Aqua, or to some other specialist - maybe a pain expert.

ValerieF Thu 02-Dec-21 20:14:01

Agree with previous. Ask for diagnosis before embarking on one of these machines. I have one, donated from my mother. Although she liked the sensation I can’t say there was much improvement on her walking. I don’t feel anything much at all. Maybe because I don’t need it? But what exactly is it supposed to do? Not sure but certainly wouldn’t rush out to buy one.

Spice101 Thu 02-Dec-21 22:37:59

I use mine twice daily. I have had two knee replacements and a hip replacement and there are no adverse effects from the machine. The orthopedic surgeon is quite happy for me to use it and does not see any reason not to.
I don't find any earth shattering results from the machine but do find it helps my pain levels somewhat. The benefit of the machine is that it stimulates blood flow to my feet which is where my problem is.

Sassanach512 Fri 03-Dec-21 01:03:26

My OH is diabetic and suffered from swollen ankles from water retention, it was quite painful. I bought him a Revitive for Christmas four years ago and he hasn't looked back. He used it for 10 mins twice a day the swelling reduced considerably and the pain in his feet went away. He still uses it maybe a couple times a week when he has been gardening or has overdone the walking and his feet and legs are tired, he finds it very relaxing and soothing.

lemsip Fri 03-Dec-21 09:43:24

I have used one and like the vibrating bursts it gives up my calves, feeling everything jumping about keeping circulation moving.....

valchoc Sun 05-Dec-21 10:48:46

Have had a revisited machine for6 months. Wouldn't be without it!!

MaggsMcG Sun 05-Dec-21 10:54:18

I bought one for my husband but he couldn't feel the vibrations at all. When I tried it it wasn't very strong either. It was a foreign one though. I tried to send it back but with no success so in the end they refunded my money and let me keep it. Its in the loft.

Moggycuddler Sun 05-Dec-21 10:55:08

I have a foot massager machine and leg massagers that I absolutely love. So relaxing and distracting from aches and pain for a while. (They suggest using for the 20 minute cycles but I often use them repeatedly for upto 2 hours.) Not sure if they would be suitable for everyone though. I would definitely ask doctor first.

Charleygirl5 Sun 05-Dec-21 11:02:18

Spice- interesting how orthopaedic minds change. I was told specifically not to use one. I have had bil. knee replacements and apparently over time the knees can loosen.

jenni123 Sun 05-Dec-21 11:04:02

I am disabled, housebound and can hardly walk, just a few paces from room to room in my tiny flat. I have heart problems as well as a list of other complaints. This means my legs/feet often swell a lot. I purchased one of the machines 2nd hand to try, I used it quite a lot, when i had a clot in my lung I stopped using it for many months,s then when I went to use it again it had stopped working so I got the one Eamon Holmes advertises and it is brilliant. MaggsMcG I also have to have the setting high, but I have found if I put a thin layer of moisturing cream on my feet before use the vibrations are a lot stronger.

Nicaveron Sun 05-Dec-21 11:11:13

Hi Mrsdof
I don’t know about these plates but I would recommend seeing a Chiropractor. I had severe pain in my right hip and by chance I was able to have an appointment with a chiropractor. I found that the cause of my hip pain was entirely due to my spine being out of alignment. Several sessions later I was pain free. I have also used acupuncture for a painful shoulder and this was also with excellent effect. Unfortunately these are not available on the NHS but I would go without other things to afford treatments if necessary. Hope you can find some relief.

Direne3 Sun 05-Dec-21 11:17:36

sodapop I quite agree, the Ruth/Eamonn advert put me right off for some considerable time (he gives me the creeps, sorry fans). However, despite that I now have one on order (for circulation).

grandtanteJE65 Sun 05-Dec-21 11:39:32

I have found that both cramps and joint pain have been relieved quite significantly, if I drink two large glasses of cold water from the tap in the course of the forenoon. In all about ½ pint of water.

This is, of course, in addition to my normal fluid intake.

By drinking it early in the day (unless I am going out in the forenoon, when I wait to early afternoon to drink it) I am not having to get up to wee constantly overnight.

You might like to try this "cure" while waiting for a doctor's appointment, because from your description, your GP, might well be able to help or explain this increase in pain.

I have no experience of a circulation booster but find it hard to see how it would help alleviate the pain you are having.

Pippa22 Sun 05-Dec-21 11:42:32

I have recently had a knee replacement and when I saw the surgeon for my follow up check I asked about reducing leg and ankle swelling . He said the very best thing and cheapest, easiest was to sit with legs elevated above the heart. Legs on cushions or on the back of the sofa if you can. Physio said that too, really good for everyone - and free.

sandelf Sun 05-Dec-21 11:53:24

I know where you're comin from! Haven't a clue about the machines but it might be worth trying Tai Chi - helps me with Reynauds and sciatica. I think the movements have been honed over time and do help. You don't need to 'believe' in any of the theory - just try and if it works for you...

Bijou Sun 05-Dec-21 12:06:46

I tried one of these machines some years ago for my arthritic knees but found it did not help. Like a lot of these things purporting to help they are useless and money wasting.
I have found that since taking turmeric my arthritis has not been quite so painful.

Shandy57 Sun 05-Dec-21 12:10:24

My aunt asked me to research this as she has 'restless legs', at £300 I wasn't prepared to risk her not liking it.

Athenia Sun 05-Dec-21 12:27:38

Yoga instead of Pilates may well prove beneficial.
Pilates can be very intensive, whereas yoga is slower and relatively gentle on the body.
It also includes breath work for relaxation, which can also be a very powerful pain reliever.
I have done yoga all my life, and am convinced that it has enabled me to remain supple and pain free into my seventies.

HannahLoisLuke Sun 05-Dec-21 12:31:26

I’m interested in all your comments as I’ve been wondering whether one if these machines would help with my restless legs and heavy feeling. I’m not well off so it would be a considerable expense for me.
Having read the conflicting advice I think I’ll save my money, for now anyway.