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CoffeeFirst1 Fri 20-May-22 22:30:16

What was the last thing you won?

I won a Christmas hamper about 4 years ago, nothing since 😀

Marydoll Fri 20-May-22 23:16:17

Forty plus years ago, skint, in a new home with a 15% mortgage, and a new baby, I won the first prize in the butcher's Christmas draw. It was a portable black and white TV. I was ecstatic!
Its been downhill ever since!

LadyGracie Fri 20-May-22 23:32:31

A Frozen (the toy and film) hamper in a Tesco raffle a few years ago.

paddyann54 Fri 20-May-22 23:34:00

I won a This Morning competition about 20 years ago ,loads of tech stuff,TV's,compters and laptops game m/c's and loads more .plus6k cash.
Think that was my whole of life winnings in one go.

Strange thing was I didn't knowwhat the prize was and in those days they called you to let you know you were on a shortlist so I had to ask my daughter who had instructed me to enter what I was entering for .
Nobody believed me when I won ,the kids and my sisters thought I was joking ,until the massive van turned up and loaded it all into the house.We had a lot of visitors that week,all selecting what they wanted .
I must try it again sometime

crazyH Fri 20-May-22 23:49:55

I can’t remember winning anything, ever🤔

Chestnut Sat 21-May-22 00:00:38

I remember winning a family size block of ice cream every week for a year, so I had 52 coupons. I was 10 years old and over the moon! I did give several away.

GrandmaSeaDragon Sat 21-May-22 00:05:43

Almost a snap, Marydoll! In 1970 (before we were married) we had just bought our first home (with both fathers standing guarantors to allow us an extra £1,000 on the mortgage). We were in a large department store and I wanted to look at fabric, so DH to be wandered off to the electrical department, where there was a free draw for a colour TV. A week later, he got a call telling him he had won it! We were so lucky, it was one of the few new things we had in our first home!

Mollygo Sat 21-May-22 00:19:01

I recently won a sweepstake for guessing the weight of a colleague’s new baby. Quite funny really, as I used to teach her xx years ago.

tanith Sat 21-May-22 07:21:25

I was staying in the country when I was 10 for my annual week of Summer holiday with my aunt and we went to the village fete where I played a golf game. Turned out I had the highest score of the afternoon and won a cut and perm at the village hairdressers, my aunt took the voucher and bought me an ice-cream instead. I did when a blue-ray player when I first joined Gransnet and my Premium bonds do ok so I guess I am a little lucky.

Calendargirl Sat 21-May-22 07:27:21

I won a Roberts radio in a Gransnet competition. Arrived just before Christmas one year. So chuffed.

Am listening to Spartacus ( The Onedin Line) theme on it as I type.

Gingster Sat 21-May-22 08:12:45

I won a meal for two at the Grovenor Hotel in London, at a ladies luncheon for charity. It was the best meal I’ve ever had.!

monk08 Sat 21-May-22 08:16:40

Most recent win was a smart watch which my son is now wearing. In the past I've won a car, holidays, electrical items, books, a makeover and personal shopper.
My favourite win was a ballooning holiday in Italy such a lovely experience.

Witzend Sat 21-May-22 08:18:11

Last thing I won was several years ago - a hamper at a Christmas party raffle at my mother’s care home. We were expecting guests - house was already stuffed with food and I had more on order, so I phone the Sally Army to ask whether they’d like it.
Someone came to collect it within 20 minutes!

Grandmabatty Sat 21-May-22 08:18:33

I won the Cadbury essay competition in primary school. The prize was 30 bars of chocolate. I don't suppose you would get that now 🙂. I was very popular for a while. My husband at the time once won a family weekend to a lovely hotel in the Lake District. That was fabulous.

GagaJo Sat 21-May-22 08:24:54

Not me, but my bloke won a competition to a book award in London. Prize included train fares and a fab hotel overnight, and then attending a reception and the awards at the Mandarin Oriental.

Downside was that he got so drunk on free champagne that he was really hung over the next day and we couldn't do much.

Kim19 Sat 21-May-22 08:27:16

Won a freezer full of various meats, a hostess trolley and some cash on a tv quiz. Other than that bits and pieces along the way. Consider myself decidedly lucky but patiently waiting for Ernie to come up with the big one.

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 21-May-22 08:30:45

When I was 10 I won a prize for finding all the hidden Corona bottles in a picture, I coloured them all in with red ink and they sent a letter with the prize saying what a good idea it was. However, I don’t remember the prize, probably Corona drinks.
Recently I won 2 boxes of coffee cups and saucers in the Village Fete raffle.
So a big gap of nearly 60 years!

Menopaws Sat 21-May-22 09:10:58

Three bottles of wine from five tombola tickets. It was the nastiest wine ever tasted!!

silverlining48 Sat 21-May-22 09:46:56

I don’t think I have ever won anything sad

Kate1949 Sat 21-May-22 09:48:35

A £200 voucher for a store of my choice on Gransnet a few years ago.

BrightandBreezy Sat 21-May-22 10:51:53

4 numbers on the national lottery on a 'must be won' roll down week. Received £460.

Grannynannywanny Sat 21-May-22 10:56:56

I won a tin of beans from a tombola stall. It was from a multipack and it was 3 months out of date.

Marmight Sat 21-May-22 11:04:43

£25 on Ernie last month
Best was a trip to Boston in the early days of Classic FM

Kate1949 Sat 21-May-22 11:09:49

Oh yes I forgot about the Premium Bonds. We get a small win most months.

jane1956 Sat 21-May-22 11:15:55

I do win lots, BUT i enter lots too, people who say "I never win anything" alway get the same reply from me "How many do you enter?" Mine is law of averages I think. Big ones in last six months include A Product of the year goody bag, a PS5 and a "Cult Beauty Advent Calendar (worth £1000) lots of smaller wins pens, cricket set pass the pugs game £50 Greggs voucher