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like father, like son

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grannyactivist Wed 21-Feb-18 00:51:14

It would have been his 34th birthday today and my daughter sent me some photo's of her late husband that I had not previously seen. In all the photo's he's smiling, but in one he has his head thrown back and is really laughing, in just the same wholehearted way as his now 8 year old son does. It was so poignant and unexpected that I was moved to tears by the likeness between father and son.
Eight years on and the grief still wells up and leaks through my eyes.

gmelon Wed 21-Feb-18 01:02:34

Sad and happy poignant moment for you.
They do live on through mannerisms that the child could not possibly have copied or picked up.
My thoughts are with you.

MesMopTop Wed 21-Feb-18 01:12:25

Just sending love from one mother to another ?

mollie Wed 21-Feb-18 02:33:39

Kind thoughts grannyactivist. flowers

kittylester Wed 21-Feb-18 06:14:47

(((hugs))) ga!

ninathenana Wed 21-Feb-18 06:31:00

Thinking of you and your family flowers

Marydoll Wed 21-Feb-18 07:04:59

grannyactivist what a sad moment for you, but in a different way, comforting that your son in law shines through in your grandson. flowers

Iam64 Wed 21-Feb-18 07:28:47


Oopsadaisy12 Wed 21-Feb-18 07:49:50

Love and hugs flowers

Greyduster Wed 21-Feb-18 07:53:14

Ga. ??

Willow500 Wed 21-Feb-18 08:30:07

Nothing like photos for bringing back memories evoking tears as well as smiles. How sad for your daughter (and you) but how wonderful his dad lives on in his son flowers

TwiceAsNice Wed 21-Feb-18 08:30:50

This really strikes a chord and I feel for you. My son died as a child and when my granddaughters were born the one looked very much like him but what was so amazing was she developed several of the same mannerisms as him even though she had never seen him. Sometimes when she turned and smiled a certain way it made my heart lurch it was like he had come back. Not so apparent now she is 8, he died at nearly 5 . Bitter sweet really.

Christinefrance Wed 21-Feb-18 08:36:30

This must be a comfort for you grannyactivist It's much the same for me, my son in law died when his son was only a few months old but my grandson has some traits which remind us so much of his father. My thoughts are with you flowers

Bathsheba Wed 21-Feb-18 09:25:15

Such bitter sweet memories ga. flowers for you and your daughter and family on this sad day.

Nonnie Wed 21-Feb-18 10:22:32

flowers no words.

Fennel Wed 21-Feb-18 12:13:00

flowers grannyactivist - shows that his father is continuing to live on in him.

morethan2 Wed 21-Feb-18 12:41:18

Condolences and flowers

Crafting Wed 21-Feb-18 12:53:17

Ga what a poignant post and twiceasnice so sad you lost your son too. Young or old, to lose a child must be dreadful flowers

M0nica Wed 21-Feb-18 17:43:05

My sister had beautifully shaped and quite small hands that were much admired. It was at her funeral nearly 30 years ago that I realised DD had exactly the same hands, only slightly larger. Now whenever I see daughter doing anything, I am looking at her hands and remembering my DS.

Daddima Wed 21-Feb-18 17:58:20

A happy rising to your wee boy’s dad, and hugs for you.

My brother died last year, and his son’s in-laws, who are Hindus, told me he would come back to the family, and that their own daughter was, without a doubt, the reincarnation of Kamalendu’s mum. We have since welcomed a new grandson, so will be keeping a close eye on him!

grannyqueenie Wed 21-Feb-18 18:09:32

Happy and sad are sometimes so closely intertwined it’s hard to see to see which is which. Thinking of you and your family today flowers