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Do you delete numbers off your phone when someone dies?

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Liz08 Fri 09-Mar-18 11:42:35

It seem that quite a few people still have the phone numbers of family and friends who were no longer alive on their mobiles.

My dearly beloved Dad passed away just over a year ago and I deleted his number a few weeks later, now I feel bad.

I did keep the string of texts sent to my sister as I sat by his hospital bed in the weeks before he died. They remind me of the unfolding story.

Marianne1953 Sat 10-Mar-18 17:35:32

I’ve kept emails to my FIL and my Dad and two sisters are still on my phone. It’s like deleting them. Silly really.

pollyperkins Sun 11-Mar-18 08:46:05

I cant see a problem with deleting numbers but would find it hard to delete texts/emails etc. I still have (handwritten) letters from my parents.
So sorry to hear about your son's death Coast. flowers. Also Anniebach, Misadventure and all others who have lost children - today must be very hard.

maryeliza54 Sun 11-Mar-18 09:47:49

There’s no rights or wrongs here are there? We all do what is right for us. I’m a keeper not deleter.

Anniebach Sun 11-Mar-18 10:20:08

Today I am trying not to look at all my mobile phones but want to so much, there will be several years of Mothering Sunday greetings from my beloved daughter .

Grannyguitar Sun 11-Mar-18 11:31:07

A good friend died a year ago, and I haven't the heart to delete her from my Facebook friends.

newnanny Sun 11-Mar-18 20:56:20

I still have my Mum's number in my hone. She died almost 5 years ago but I can't delete. I still have the last birthday card she sent me and put it up along with other cards received each year. I find it comforting.

SpringyChicken Sun 11-Mar-18 21:46:13

I delete them because otherwise, it upsets me to see the name coming up - a reminder that they are gone.

Coolgran65 Sun 11-Mar-18 21:51:55

My fear friend and sis-in-law died three years ago from breast cancer that travelled to her brain. I have some very happy pics taken in the hospice. It was one afternoon we managed to get her into the car and together with my brother/her husband we all went to the cinema.

I have copied this photo over to the pc (for safekeeping) but just can't bring myself to click delete on my phone.

Coolgran65 Sun 11-Mar-18 21:52:22

** dear, not fear.

Elrel Mon 16-Jul-18 12:26:04

I delete from my phone and address book but not from Facebook. There are, sadly, several Facebook friends who have died but somehow I can't bring myself to let them go.

fiorentina51 Mon 16-Jul-18 14:49:23

Yes, I do delete them quite quickly.

M0nica Mon 16-Jul-18 15:24:20

Yes, but not until some months later.

I have kept all the last flurry of emails between a dear friend and myself before her sudden illness and death. We were organising a visit and the language and attitude was so typical of her. They are all tucked a way in a separate file in my family history folder.

mimiro Mon 16-Jul-18 16:06:19

if i had one yes i would/for the simple reason the numbers get passed on.
what i did do when husband died a year and a half ago was write to his email address for a few months.just the things that would have been said outloud to him.comments on 2 new babies puppy.when the payment came up for the account i stopped.

grandtanteJE65 Thu 19-Jul-18 16:22:37

Yes, I do delete phone numbers when some-one dies and their e-mail address and I delete postal address and telephone numbers in my handwritten address book, my Christmas card list and my computer database.

It upsets me much more to see the numbers, addresses etc. later than to delete them when I am sad anyhow just after someone has died.

newnanny Sun 03-Feb-19 13:00:43

I don't delete them. Silly i know as i know my Mum's number by heart anyway. Somehow it is comforting for them to be there.

Alima Sun 03-Feb-19 15:04:23

Mum died in 1981. I didn’t have her number to delete on anything new-fangled. I forget a great many things but will always remember her phone number. It is tattooed on my heart.

Anja Sun 03-Feb-19 15:37:50

Well unless you intend ringing them....

sodapop Sun 03-Feb-19 16:19:01

I haven't had any family for over 40 years apart from my daughters and grandchildren who are thankfully well and happy. My sympathy to all those of you who have been bereaved

lemongrove Sun 03-Feb-19 16:24:06

Yes, I delete phone numbers and addresses and birthdays in the birthday book.
If you’re not ready to do it, then don’t.

tanith Sun 03-Feb-19 16:37:23

I’ve not done it yet and don’t think I’ll ever be ready.

Tangerine Sun 03-Feb-19 18:05:21

Sometimes I delete the numbers. Depends in how well I knew the deceased person.

I don't think there is a wrong or right approach.

genie10 Sun 03-Feb-19 18:12:54

I kept my mum's number on my phone for several years but eventually deleted it (with a heavy heart} as I was worried I would accidentally phone the person who now uses that number.

paddyann Sun 03-Feb-19 19:42:54

No and even worse I had voicemails from my late mum for years after she died.I got a strange comfort from playing them and hearing her wee voice say "Hello its only me ".
Strangely not long after I got rid of my mobile I had a call at home from a wee voice that said the same thing mum used to and it made me cry.
It WAS a wrong number I discovered when I chatted to the old soul on the other end ,but in one way I'd like to think it wasn't and it was meant for me all along .Mum was letting me know she had her eye on me as she always said she would .

MissAdventure Sun 03-Feb-19 20:04:51

That's lovely, paddy (and sad)

Urmstongran Sun 03-Feb-19 20:27:02

My mum died on 2 March last year. When my 2nd dad (he & mum we’re married 27y) rings my mobile it comes up as ‘mum calling’.
I’ve decided on the anniversary of her death next month I shall change the name to his - it’s a landline number so it won’t say ‘mum calling’ anymore.