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Helen McCrory.

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Nightsky2 Fri 16-Apr-21 21:31:45

The wonderful actress Helen McCrory has died from cancer at the age of 52. What an amazing actress she was and just so sad to have died at such a young age. I just loved her in Peaky Blinders RIP.

Jane43 Fri 16-Apr-21 21:44:52

It is very sad news, she was a very versatile actress. She and her husband Damien Lewis raised over a million pounds during lockdown to help feed NHS workers and they have done other charity work including for The Prince’s Trust.

keepingquiet Fri 16-Apr-21 21:48:39

Very sad- my sympathies are for her family and loved ones just now- a tragic loss for sure.

Jaxjacky Fri 16-Apr-21 21:49:06

There is another thread on this.

BigBertha1 Sat 17-Apr-21 07:08:51

It is so sad poor lady. RIP.