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MawBe Thu 26-Aug-21 19:24:46

I posted this a few minutes ago under Chat but it hasn’t appeared on Active Conversations so I am copying it here so that it doesn’t disappear
If anybody wants to make a donation in her memory, Cats Protection League or Cancer charities were dear to her heart - MacMillan or Marie Curie.
If you wish a name for reference when contacting the charity, it is Rachel Hudson.

nadateturbe Thu 26-Aug-21 19:31:55

Thank you Mawbe.

dragonfly46 Thu 26-Aug-21 19:32:43

Thank you

Redhead56 Thu 26-Aug-21 19:57:49

Thank you for the information.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 26-Aug-21 20:00:42

Thank you MawBe

Smileless2012 Thu 26-Aug-21 20:06:28

Thank you

crazyH Thu 26-Aug-21 20:09:52


M0nica Thu 26-Aug-21 20:33:05

thank you

Spinnaker Thu 26-Aug-21 20:47:38

Thank you MawBe

MawBe Thu 26-Aug-21 21:40:38

Just a quick add on, Mr P has expressed a preference for Marie Curie as they were the “angels”, who came out to night -sit those last nights

SueDonim Thu 26-Aug-21 21:54:18

Thank you, MawBe.

MawBe Fri 27-Aug-21 10:09:55

For information

Squiffy Fri 27-Aug-21 10:30:02

Thank you, MawBe.

glammanana Fri 27-Aug-21 10:39:00

Thank you so much MawBe.

Septimia Fri 27-Aug-21 10:47:54

Thanks, MawBe. I'm a catlover but respect Mr P's wishes, so shall give to both.

MawBe Mon 06-Sep-21 04:20:44

Her family and friends will be saying a final Goodbye to Phoenix this morning.
They will be remembering and celebrating the life of a warm, brave, witty, unique person who as we heard in her Radio 4 You and Yours interview embodied the belief that “it’s not the hand you are dealt, but how you play the cards.”
She leaves a very special legacy to all those whose lives she touched.
Thank you Phoenix for the wit and wisdom you brought to GransNet. Shall we ever forget “Cursing the Gammon” ?

Start by getting out all of your biggest pans and finding that none of them is quite the right size/shape for the meat. Apply your first curse. Then you set it to boil on your newly cleaned hob, and wait for the spitting and splashing to begin. You can now curse again, even if you haven't rolled a 6.

You then realise that you forgot to make a note of the weight for timing purposes. Rummage in the bin for the wrapper and miss two goes. Now experiment with different positions for the lid in an attempt to minimise the splashing. Have another curse when you realise that none of the positions works. Say to anyone within earshot that it's the same every year, and why on earth didn't they remind you of that when you bought it. (Deflecting blame earns you an extra 10 points and a small sherry).

Realise that you forgot to set the timer, and try to estimate how long it has been boiling so far. Don't worry too much about accuracy; you are bound to be wrong. Apply an extra 30 minutes to be on the safe side, miss one go and have a sherry. After an appropriate length of time, drain and leave to cool. Award extra points if all of the water goes down the sink, but miss 2 sherries if any goes either on the draining board or your feet.

Cover with something to protect from cats (extra points available if a colander will actually fit over it, but deductions if you have to deploy either a tea towel or tin foil).

Apply final curse and enjoy

“Weep if you must, parting is hell
But life goes on, So sing as well”

silverlining48 Mon 06-Sep-21 06:59:22

My thoughts are with Phoenix and her loved ones today.
A toast to a witty brave and funny woman who will be missed.

kittylester Mon 06-Sep-21 07:03:01

Thank you Maw and what else could you post but 'Cursing The Gammon'.

I will miss Phoenix!

NotAGran55 Mon 06-Sep-21 07:18:00

Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes and jig around to Pata Pata this morning.

It’s what she wanted .

Hello Ladies (and others wink,).

I just love the idea of you all dancing to Pata Pata with my bearers!

Marydoll Mon 06-Sep-21 07:18:23

Goodbye, dear friend. I was privileged to share your journey, the highs, the lows, the laughter and of course the curses!
You are greatly missed.

cornergran Mon 06-Sep-21 07:19:58

Thinking of you today. A strong woman who will be much missed.

DanniRae Mon 06-Sep-21 07:33:30

Goodbye Phoenix flowers
From Danni x

Juno56 Mon 06-Sep-21 07:34:18

Thank you MawBe, "Cursing the Gammon" has made me laugh out loud.
I didn't 'know' Phoenix, I really wish I had, but I have saved the Pata Pata clip and later this morning I shall be dancing and thinking of a brave and beautiful soul dancing towards her next adventure. My sincere condolences to you and all Rachel's family and friends. X

NotAGran55 Mon 06-Sep-21 07:40:27

For Phoenix x

TillyTrotter Mon 06-Sep-21 07:48:06

“Cursing the Gammon” by Phoenix will remain in everyone’s minds and on Gransnet as testimony to the witty lady she was.
Thank you Maw for your post this morning.
Caring thoughts to all her friends - especially Hollie who was such help and a comfort to her - and her family today.
I’ll be playing ? Pata Pata ? around 10.30 am today, dancing and singing (it’s such a catchy tune) as we all say “Farewell Phoenix* ?