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Remembering loved ones

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SusieB50 Sat 31-Dec-22 09:13:13

Thinking of you all who have been bereaved over the last year. Three years today since DH died . So much has happened since then, other loved ones dying, ill health and challenges. Yet it felt just like yesterday in the small wee hours this morning.
My DS and family will have a drink with me early this eve before they meet up with friends and we will FaceTime DD and family. I will watch the fireworks if I manage to stay awake !

Witzend Sat 31-Dec-22 09:15:57

💐 and I hope a Happy New Year for you, SusieB50.

silverlining48 Sat 31-Dec-22 10:37:23

New year Greetings from me too Susie.
Hope all is going well with the not so new hip.

Yammy Sat 31-Dec-22 11:26:29

I hope you have a happy New Year Susie.
So many of our friends are no longer with us this year. I cried when I wrote cards and I'll cry again at Auld lang syne

Barmeyoldbat Sat 31-Dec-22 11:39:36

It’s a sad time for me, it was this time last year that my daughter became really I’ll and went into itu before eventually dying in March. It’s so fresh that I will find it hard to celebrate. Anyway happy new year to all, May it be better than last year

silverlining48 Sat 31-Dec-22 11:56:55

Barmyoldbat flowers
So very sorry x

Alioop Sat 31-Dec-22 12:15:25

Hugs to all to have lost someone special. The New Year is very hard for some and I wish you all well for 2023 💐

Grammaretto Sat 31-Dec-22 12:31:21

Susie and Barneyoldbat
So sorry.
It's just over 2 years since DH died and I am coping quite well now. a surprise to me
I may skip celebrating tonight but I have friends coming tomorrow which will be nice.

I won't see any of my DC but some came at Christmas.

Gransnet has been a real support for me

Grandmadinosaur Sat 31-Dec-22 13:17:01

Such a terribly poignant time. In my younger days I always had people no longer with us on my mind when tearfully singing Auld Lang syne. It gets harder to bear now the older I’ve got remembering so many friends and family not here any more.

Thoughts and hugs to Susie Bobat * Grammaretto* and all grans 💐

Cressy Sat 31-Dec-22 13:27:59

I never sing Auld Lang Syne anymore. Just too painful. Remembering my brother who we lost suddenly a year ago- far too soon. Hugs and strength to all who have lost loved ones. X

Kate1949 Sat 31-Dec-22 16:27:25

So sorry for those of you who have lost someone recently or otherwise. flowers
I will be remembering the many family members I have lost, young and older. Also a friend of over 30 years who died in October this year.

Sar53 Sat 31-Dec-22 16:41:48

I'm thinking of all of you who have lost dear ones this past year and in years gone by.
My youngest daughter's husband lost his mum this morning. She had been ill for a long time but still a huge shock.
A lovely lady who I shall miss dearly.
RIP xx