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Too many funerals

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Frankie51 Mon 23-Jan-23 22:35:39

I will have been to 5 funerals since mid November .
1. My dearest friend , who died of COVID
2 . My aunt , who was my guardian after my parents died , when I was 9. She died of COVID too. She was 99 so it was to be expected .
3. A work colleague.Cancer
4. Our best man , and my husband's best friend for 49 years. Much missed.Cancer
5 .Another work colleague .Cancer
I went to 2 of the funerals within the space of 3 days.
I also have a cousin who is dying , and another friend with stage 4 cancer . My DH spent Christmas Day on the stroke ward with a suspected stroke but it turned out to be a hemiplegic migraine , so that was good news . I darent ask anyone how they are anymore .
How do other people keep positive ? Sorry for the catalogue of misery. It's all getting me down a bit.

Hithere Tue 24-Jan-23 02:33:44

So sorry for your loss

Like a popular say in the US - fuck cancer! And covid

nanna8 Tue 24-Jan-23 03:53:03

I am sorry to hear that you have been hit with so much grief and loss in such a short time, Frankie. That's one of the nasty things that come with ageing. Often people you would least expect to die. I hate it.

fancythat Tue 24-Jan-23 06:51:03

It's awful.
Our extended family went through a spate[not quite as bad as yours] a decade ago.
Some of us started to feel literally a bit sick with it all.
Even some dark humour crept in,

We took some strength from each other. It became a bit of siege mentality until it all passed.

Aveline Tue 24-Jan-23 07:22:38

What a sad time in your lives Frankie and fancythat. I suppose it's a lottery when we go but sometimes it seems a spate comes along at once and we're left looking at those gaps in our lives. Condolences thanks

BigBertha1 Tue 24-Jan-23 07:25:49

Frankie51 I am sorry it really must be very sad for you. We went through a period like that a few years ago and my very sweet SO I is on her last few days as we speak. I hope you can take some comfort from the good wishes on here. Xx

Whiff Wed 25-Jan-23 09:13:36

It's a sad fact as we get older more people in our lives some before their time die. When younger families and friends met at weddings and christenings and now funerals. Few years back my brother went to 11 funerals in a year all friends who had either died from illness or in an accident. Only 2 certainties in life we are born we die . That's why it's important to live the best life we can as none of us know when our time is up.

LRavenscroft Wed 25-Jan-23 10:27:56

I am so sorry to hear about your losses. It must be very difficult for you at the moment. We had a similar year in 2019 and asked who was going to be next? I had words with a bereavement counsellor who advised me to just work through one day at a time setting yourself small joys like a new book, a bar of chocolate, a trip to the hairdresser, your favourite programme and list them. It would show what joy you have each day. Also, perhaps journaling the good memories you have of all those who have passed and remembering them with love. These times are not easy but they do pass and it is a question of finding a good support to get you through the days and hours. Sending many best wishes for you, your family and friends.

Greyduster Wed 25-Jan-23 11:11:42

I have had a veritable avalanche of bereavement in the last nine months. My husband died, then his brother, my cousin, a dear friend and then my much loved brother in law. You see people getting older and more frail and naturally dwell on who might next, and you have to find the strength to support those people who supported you. But that resilience is within us all if we dig deep enough.

Luckygirl3 Wed 25-Jan-23 11:14:28

It is indeed a sad fact of getting older that we lose loved ones and go to more funerals than we would wish.

It is a salutary reminder to Carpe Diem.